Kloud Gazers

Kloud Gazers


"The sky is the only way, but we never said it was the limit"


The Kloud Gazers are a up-n-coming music group from Detroit, MI. TKG is a group of talented individuals which consist of 4 hip hop/pop artist, 4 songwriters, 3 singers, and 2 producers. We growing and soon to prove we are "The Next BIg Thing". Current project: Cloudy All Season the first offical project from The Kloud Gazers(TKG). Orginality at it's best. Real laid back chill, cruising music mix with a raunchy hip hop flow. Hip Hop has been revived. With Cloudy All Season the game that once was gasping for air has a fresh breathe once again. Next project: CloudLife !! Coming soon!! 2013


Cloudy All Season

Written By: Keirus Muniton

Cloudy All Season
Fresh every day
Clean ass Meks
Snap backs and Rays
Yea They gone Hate
Cus I got it made
Yea I got it made
Yea B!+ch I got it made
I'm just living in the shade
Cause i got it made
Yea I got it made
yea B!+ch I got it made
They should throw me a parade
cus I got it made


Current Project: Cloudy All Season 11 tracks
singles " Green Guys" "Adad" "Can't U See" "Don't Speak On It" "Cloud Moment" "Cooler"


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