The Kluba

The Kluba

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Skabilly, Rude-rock, punk

The power and fight of "The Clash", the vintage style of "Stray Cats", the feeling and fiesta of "The Pogues".

Ska - rockabilly - rock steady - punk - reggae - folk - reggae



A new stage.

The Kluba is born as an idea by Juantxo Skalari. After over 600 shows around the world and more than 10 years of career and 6 records, decides to go on with his musical adventure through this new way.

The Kluba reminds Skalariak, but brings new blood, with a wider musical perspective, a different conception of the band, and a staging for the live shows that will underline two aspects: spectacle and originality.

It has different influences, but we can stress three bands: The Clash, Stray Cats and The Pogues. And we must add to all of it a Jamaican melodic air that JSK (Juantxo Skalari Kluba) breaths from the beginnings.

Referring to lyrics, we can say that poetry takes hold of The Kluba, but in an everyday aspect, and even from the streets. Poetry, anti-poetry, intimism, messageā€¦


* The Kluba (Oihuka Records, 2009)