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The K-Macks

Athens, Georgia, United States

Athens, Georgia, United States
Band Country Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review - Atlanta, GA -11/27/09"

The K-Macks were first to play. Each song had its own cleverly engineered, unpredictable feel. I heard reggae, folk, country, blues, rock and some Motown influences. Though they were difficult to pigeonhole, the trio exhibited an impressively constructed and tightly knit compilation of songs. Kevin dominated with the bass and led the vocals, while Max’s distorted guitar riffs and background vocals created a harmonious cluster of dance-worthy music. If you enjoy anything that resembles country-fried punk rock, then you’ll enjoy songs like “Sin Boldly” and “The Cock Song.” The band even impressed with their rendition of two classic songs, “Billy Jean” and “Stand By Me.” --Judas Moon - Performer Magazine

"Live Review - Athens, GA - 1/21/2010"

The K-Macks were up next, and they were not just musicians, they were entertainers. The lead singer, Kevin Craig, had long shaggy blonde hair, glasses, and a great sense of humor. The band was not only entertaining to watch, but exciting to listen to as well. As they played their set, I heard infusions of so many different genres that I really couldn’t pin down what category they fit in. They label themselves as alternative/folk rock/punk, but I don’t think that fully justifies their unique combination of genres. I heard influences of reggae, blues, and country. Their original songs were upbeat, and the crowd danced while they played a funk infused, on speed version of Billy Jean that impressed me. Their stage presence commanded attention, and I was captivated by their distorted guitar riffs and vocal combinations to create undeniably exciting songs.
The band is having a CD release party in Athens at Go Bar on March 12th, and you can bet I’ll be there. The album is titled Tobacco and Firearms which I’m sure will be just as entertaining and innovative as their album “Welcome, Everybody” which is available now on ITunes. Check out the K-Macks at --Caroline Baggett - The Silver Tongue

""Tobacco and Firearms" EP Review"

In Flagpole's review of The K-Macks' previous full-length release, we lamented the group’s lack of musical focus, but on the new EP, Tobacco and Firearms, The K-Macks finally exhibit an identifiable sound. The chosen genre is an interesting mixture of folk and punk rock, with elements of pop liberally sprinkled throughout to soften the edges. Many of the songs on the EP are reminiscent of bands like Uncle Tupelo, The Pogues and even The Dubliners. And like these bands, The K-Macks perform their music enthusiastically. Perhaps the group’s biggest strength is the power of its vocals. The members share vocal duties, and their voices complement each other and, more importantly, the up-tempo nature of the music.

But while the songs on Tobacco and Firearms are unified musically, they were not all created equally. Some showcase a grasp of dynamics with sophisticated song structures. In particular, “Threw It All Away” and “Oh Madeline” are gems, with the latter coming across with faint familiarity, like an updated version of an old folk ballad might. The album does lose some focus in its second half, with the sappy-but-ultimately-satisfying "Romantically" departing fairly dramatically from the timbre of the rest of the album. The raucous (and interestingly titled) "Cock Song" functions nicely as a sing-along-able closer. All things considered, the progress The K-Macks have made bodes well for such a young band. Where many local bands sound, well, local, The K-Macks' at times insightful lyrics and musicianship set them apart. --John Seay - Flagpole Magazine

"Live Appearance on 11Alive NBC (w/ video link)"

Check out to watch us playing on live television March 19, 2010 for the NBC morning Atlanta news.

The K-Macks rocked Studio 1B during the Metromix SoundCheck Band of the Week.

There unique blend of country, punk and folk-rock was pulled off nicely by the Athen's trio, Kevin Craig, Max Shultz and Jake Hicks.

You can hear their latest tunes and purchase the newly released album, Tobacco and Firearms, from their website --Nick Ramey - 11Alive NBC Atlanta News / MetroMix

"Flagpole Album Review - The K-Macks Welcome, Everybody"

Locals The K-Macks are capable of writing some really powerful
folk songs. Stand out tracks like “Sin Boldly” and “Rearranging”
lure the listener in with their candid wisdom; and I found myself
clinging to every word from beginning to end. The acoustic accompaniment
is bare and understated, as it should be, allowing
the lyrics to take the lead. When vocalists Kevin Craig and Max
Shultz take turns at the mic, their passionate delivery calls to
mind the rootsy punk of The Avett Brothers… they could really
make an impact in the quickly rising folk-rock scene.
---Michelle Gilzenrat, Flagpole - flagpole magazine

"The Moon and Pluto Online Newsletter Write-up"

Athens is known for its music scene and straight out of this
eclectic little cove comes The K-Macks! They caught my attention
with their song “Sin Boldly,” which is a fun mix of bluegrass,
a tinge of country, and ska overtones that remind me of Tiger
Army with comic relief! Other songs keep in the spirit of punk
while maintaining the melodic nature of good old folk music…
Athens’ Flagpole Magazine compared The K-Macks to Incubus,
and I can concur on some level, but the songs also deliver a much
different resemblance with hints of Rancid, The Pietasters, and
even Barenaked Ladies! Check them out!
---The Moon and Pluto - The Moon and Pluto Pick of the Month: The K-Macks


Softly Rock The Ghetto acoustic EP - 2006
- Engineered by Deke Spears

Welcome, Everybody full-length release -
2008 - Engineered by Ben Sanders

Tobacco & Firearms EP - 2010 - Engineered
by Ben Sanders



The K-Macks now form a triumvirate that sits in command of the Holy Senate. But that’s a relatively recent development; let’s start from the beginning.
Max Shultz and I (Kevin Craig) started The K-Macks in 2006 to work on songs that did not fit with our now deceased band The Mopers. We recorded one acoustic EP entitled "Softly Rock The Ghetto" and gave it mainly to interested friends, grabbing unexpected attention from other musicians and music fans. Beginning as a vocally based acoustic act, The K-Macks eventually made what seemed to be an inevitable transition to a full-band lineup.
Drummer Jake Hicks joined us for multiple all-night practice sessions in December, 2007, and before we knew it, we were ready to record a full-length album. We released “Welcome, Everybody” on September 11, 2008, and people seemed to like what we were doing. Most importantly, we liked what we were doing; everyone had trouble pigeonholing us.
Over the next year, I wrote another batch of songs that we incorporated into our live show one by one. One live reviewer called us “country-fried punk rock”—the kind of concise label that we had been reluctantly looking for. From November 2009 to February 2010, we recorded “Tobacco and Firearms,” and the new EP is still receiving praise from the local press. The punk rock energy, natural twang, and honest passion combined into a style of music we have never encountered.
On March 19, 2010, the band appeared on 11Alive morning news, a Georgia NBC affiliate, to perform our single "Oh Madeline" for 60,000 some-odd viewers in the "Metromix Soundcheck" portion of the station's morning show. Our debut TV appearance was a surprisingly seamless and comfortable experience, although Max did break a string on the air. Nobody noticed-- he made do with the five perfectly good remaining strings.
After all these years, we’re having more fun than ever, drawing bigger crowds than we thought possible, encountering more and more opportunities, and crafting a truly unique sound.
Since we’ve succeeded in overtaking the Holy Senate, we just want to reach as many ears as possible and play our songs every night.