the knast

the knast


With a slash and a strum, THE KNAST kick up a melodic fury that opens the eyes, mind, and ears, to a familiar tune. And leaves you to ponder the word pop...


In just a one year, The KNAST have been keeping the scene on its toes, and causing quite a stir in the local clubs...
Looking to the past for influence and insight, and to the future for sonic resonance.
The KNAST take an approach that is British invasion, tuned in thru a lost era of American radio.
The vibe is like the urgency of The Jam, the melodies of Cheap Trick, down to the modern styling of Supergrass and the libertines.
On the single "forever and a day." the KNAST blend there influences into somthing new, and produce a tune, that just wont leave your head!
Thru local airplay, and track's on an UK compaltion...the KNAST is already on a mission, to bring its sound to the masses!
stay tuned!!!


Forever and a day 7"single (Antarctic records)
featured on" Decline of the Pacific Northwest" compilation UK (1965 records)

Set List

8 songs =30 min....