the knast

the knast

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Whilst styles change...and the influence of the times, wears it self out upon the wasteland of youth culture...Style doesn't...The Knast get it together to keep the lost sound of yesterday, in the fore fronts of our mind, And to keep the truth of the six string gospel, strumming in our ears..they simply play timeless modern tunes.


The Knast are four young men with a vision
Hailing from Seattle Washington, they bring to the table an enthusiastic love of music, as evident in their record collections of epic proportions.
Like their English and American predecessors, they are backward looking but forward thinking. With the help of producer Kurt Bloch of legendary Seattle group The Fastbacks, The Knast have found and encapsulated a timeless sound on their new long player 'Fingers Crossed,' released on Consortium Records.
..... they simply play timeless modern tunes.


Fingers Crossed / LP :2010 Consortium
Best laid plans 7" :2008 Antarctic
Righteous and the Ragged Ep :2008
Crybaby studio Comp :2010
1965 records Comp UK :2009