The Knaves

The Knaves


We hope (and think) we've come up with a sound that is both familiar AND our own - a blend of the rock sounds of the late 80s and the 90s we were surrounded by growing up and also the songs of the 50's and 60's that we've listened to our whole lives. It is, quite simply, good music! Enjoy!


THE KNAVES started playing in late 2004. Starting out as friends, it seemed natural that their mutual love of music would eventually turn them into a band that has been described as "the band with the brightest future in the Fox Valley," by venue owners and patrons alike.

The Fox Valley of Wisconsin has always been known for its eclectic mix of high quality acts, ranging from metal and punk to jazz and blues. To stick out in this mess of music, a band requires something unique, much more than just talent; there needs to be a spark. With an unabashed humbleness, and disarming charm, along with a heap of natural talent, THE KNAVES shine quietly amongst the jumble of clone cover bands and acts that have pigeon holed themselves into one style. Not being content to sound like the "next big trend" THE KNAVES have consistently reinvented themselves.

With influences covering the scope of modern music, THE KNAVES sound ranges from extreme to extreme. Either slamming through a Seattle influenced alternative rock sound or coaxing out the poppy exuberance of Brit invasions bands like Herman's Hermits or the Dave Clark Five, THE KNAVES are right at home. Both aspects of the band remain at the forefront, with THE KNAVES switching back and forth between styles quickly, shedding grimaces and picking up the sly twinkle of 60's bubble gum pop.

THE KNAVES have spent time in the recording studio recording a full length entitled "Woman" self released in 2004, "The Third Verse" EP. self released in 2005, and "This EP Doesn't Have A Title" EP, self released in 2007.

THE KNAVES stand above the posturing and attitudes that prevail in the rock and pop music scenes, using a very personal likability and the ability to just flat out play, they dispense with gimmicky performances and use the music to draw in the audience. Garnering praise from venue owners, recording studios, local music press, national musical acts, and of course the ever growing fan base, THE KNAVES continue to produce great music, and add to what they have started.

[The above is from a write up done by a local music writer about the band. We had the opportunity to meet him and thank him for the write up. We thank him for his kind and complimentary words.]


"Woman" LP - December 2004
"The Third Verse" EP - December 2005
"This EP Doesn't Have A Title" EP - December 2007

Set List

It depends on how long we're asked to play for. We've played a few three hour gigs and a ton of 45 minute sets. The reality is that we have the material to do either, but think that a set between and hour and two is ideal. We play only original material, and each song weighs in somewhere between two and five minutes.