The Knife Confession

The Knife Confession


The Knife Confession is a 5 piece alternative-rock ensemble based out of Los Angeles, CA. The dynamic sound and dark image of the group draw comparisons to such notable acts as A Perfect Circle, Deftones, and A.F.I.


“While attempting to communicate what’s truly in our hearts, too often we find ourselves searching for words that have buried themselves between the wanting thoughts and phrases we struggle to convey in these pivotal moments of desperation. Through all my years in this world, I’ve found no other way to unearth such clarity but through music”, says Eddie Simon, lead vocalist of “The Knife Confession”. “Some words weren’t meant to be spoken; only sung”.

Formed midway through 2006, “The Knife Confession” was born ostensibly amidst the dark before dawn. A New Orleans native, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina pushed Simon to Los Angeles, ultimately fueling his initiative in search of likeminded musicians. Responding to a classified ad, the primary union was formed upon meeting guitarists Joshua Thomas and Graham Floro, founding members of the act. Self-described musical soul-mates, Thomas and Floro had thus far laid the initial groundwork in terms of the group’s compositions. With the band now a three piece, a picture began to develop of what they would in due course become.

Drummer Christopher Guzzardi was eight months away from graduating Loyola University’s masters program when he received the call from Simon. A New Orleans native himself, the question for Guzzardi soon became at what point he would decide to dropout of school and follow Simon to Los Angeles. Within weeks, he found himself transplanted cross-country. “It was the biggest decision of my life, and thus far the most rewarding one. I knew the opportunity wouldn’t come around again”.

The missing piece of the puzzle came in the form of bassist Vanessa Pellon. “I moved to L.A. as a solo artist, but once I listened to the music I knew if I didn’t steal the opportunity to play with these guys it’d be a colossal mistake,” says Pellon.

The band’s debut effort, “Plane Filled Skies”, tells tales of heartache, severance, and an embittered reawakening. Recorded over a handful of months in 2007, the self produced album is filled with rich textures and multi-layered sounds. Following suit of the near paradoxical band name, “Plane Filled Skies” organically melds a striking juxtaposition of arrangements into somewhat of a continuum. “It was important for us to be able to seamlessly demonstrate dueling elements of light and dark” says Floro. “Thematically speaking, the lion’s share of our music covers the equivocal ideas of personal hardship giving way to an eventual overcoming of the impasses in one's life, tantamount to a rebirth of sorts. All of our songs carry a certain conceptual ambiguity, but they are interwoven nonetheless. From track one of the album, until its finish, the songs follow an emotional regression, a regression not yet concluded with this record”, according to Pellon.

In their brief life-span, the group has performed alongside such notable national acts as “Powerman 5000”, “Adema”, “The Dreaming” (featuring members of "Stabbing Westward", "Deadsy", and "Amen"), and "Glass Pinata" (featuring Meegs Rascon of "Coal Chamber"). Most recently, the band celebrated the release of their debut album before a sold-out audience at Hollywood’s infamous Viper Room.


Another Day Colder

Written By: Eddie Simon - The Knife Confession

When time marches on,
will I march beside it?

To the beat of a dented drum,
to the beat of a heart divided...

I can't quite grasp you letting go,
but I'm holding on, another day in the cold...

Still carrying on with this pain
ever since you carried off with my heart,

I'm at the short end of a life
that took just too long to start. (x2)

I can't seem to look past you,
from my heart to the horizon,

but the sun has long since set,
and the water keeps on rising...

Still carrying on with this pain,
ever since you carried off with my heart,

I'm at the short end of a life,
and we were just too far apart.

Circling the Lights

Written By: Eddie Simon - The Knife Confession

My dearest friends,
Who would have ever thought I could live through the changing seasons?

But I promise you,
there has been no life in me since we grieved for the death of reason...

Give me a reason to be...

Your hell to pay is my hell to raise (x2)

God bless you, hell bent to break your...

Hearts aflame all around me,
but I can't seem to catch the wildfire

Another heart in pain,
another world coming down

Someday I'll burn you alive in my wildfire.

Let this be,
the last of all my welcomes overstayed,

Tell me again,
how the end defines all the choices that we've made...

Look what you've made of me...

Seperate from this pain (x2)

Remembering Jupiter

Written By: Eddie Simon - The Knife Confession

I'm still bleeding for you,
one pulse at a time...

I'm still needing for you,
to cover me in white...

We rode those waves into the crash,
I couldn't pull you from the wreckage,
of a love that couldn't last...

When our amazing world broke in two,
it broke the heart in me to break the heart in you,

When our amazing world broke in two,
you stared across your pain and found me staring back at you...

I've listened for you,
through every voice I've heard,

A thousand songs I'd one day sing
hid between your words...

Our amazing world broke in two,
it still breaks the heart in me that I broke the heart in you,

Our amazing world broke in two,
but I couldn't let you leave, all I ever had was you.


Plane Filled Skies; EP - Released spring of 2008

Set List

Set list includes all original compositions. Set length can last up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.