The Knotty Knickers

The Knotty Knickers


"Packed and laughing audiences, everytime" (Katie Wisz, Director SLRF). Soaking wet, hysterical and perfect for all ages these "Royal Washers of Undies" will take you on an interactive romp thru the history of underwear and leave you laughing in the aisles. OOH-LA-LA!


The Knotty Knickers began 3 years ago, as a brain child of Meg Wozniak, owner and director of this wacky family. A veteran of Interactive Theatre and Festivals, Meg has worked both as a performer (Queen Elizabeth I, Gypsy, Virginia Poe, etc) and instructor (Voice and Dialect, Character Development, Artistic Director, Entertainment Consultant) for some of the top outdoor venues in the country and beyond from PA, MI, KY, NC, FL, Ontario, etc.

"Her shows are always professional, hysterical, and audience favorites." Brenda Branch, Marketing and Promotions Officer, City of Hamilton. With this type of response, Meg set about the task of creating a two-woman show based solely on a crazy family of washerwomen and their family geneology of making underwear for the Kings and Queens of England. The result is the Knotty Knickers, a high energy interactive, family friendly romp from the Primitive Stone Age to the Golden Renaissance full of high kickin' knickers and water splashin antics. Based on innuendo to please both the adults and the kids, the Knotty Knickers have become a reason audiences return again and again to events.

"The Knickers girls are hysterical and an audience favorite on our comment cards." -- Chelle Cartier, Owner, Gregor's Crossing Festival. All of the performers for the Knotty Knickers are professional actresses of the highest quality with experience in interactive and improv theatre. Trained to draw an audience in and entertain them all day long, all of the performers in this troupe are the best of the best, often being chosen for National Tours across the US and Canada.

So, let the Knickers Sisters come play at your venue, and watch as audiences come back time and time again for a romp in the wash bucket. They will argue their way through Laundry Fight after Laundry Fight right before your eyes, pulling audience members into their crazy family tree. Make sure you bring your umbrella because no one is safe when the Knickers start flyin'! OOH-LA-LA!

Meg Wozniak
US and Canada
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Set List

Outdoor venues will receive up to Four 30 minute shows throughout the day, scheduled to give performers adequate change and "drying time".

Indoor venues should contact group for discussion on needs.