The Knuckles

The Knuckles

 Los Angeles, California, USA

California Roots Rock


The Knuckles are Rodney Newman and Garrett Deloian, close friends who have been playing, writing and producing music together for more than a decade. Their collaboration blends two individual styles, with diverse backgrounds and unique obsessions with very different genres of music; from west coast blues to West African polyrhythm, country-inspired rock to gypsy jazz. Together, the pair mix their styles and personalities to create soulfully complex music with pure harmonies, outstanding guitar work, distinctive arrangements and mindful lyrics.
With years on stage in various groups, Deloian and Newman have been active in the West Coast roots rock scene, supporting acts such as The Mother Hips and The Greyboy Allstars. Deloian currently also contributes his chops to Dangerbird Records’ Eulogies.

This first full-length effort is distinctive and very approachable. “Miss Metro”, one of the record’s standout songs, is raw, mesmerizing and memorable about an incredible glance once received while riding on an African train; “Angel Rag” restyles vaudevillian swing while telling a tale of devotion. “The Belle of Nowhere Now” spills out thoughts about a strange new city and whether she will do the trick. “Cloverfeld”, perhaps the most inspired tune on the record, take bits from a weekend trip to the Northern California hills then mixes in, friends, enemies, make-believe and laughter.

"I truly appreciate music that allows you to close your eyes and wander off,” says Newman. "It’s what I sought to create in songs like “Gone the Day” and “Cloverfeld”. Each tune explains itself well, leaving room for a little fun and imagination." Rodney goes on, "The tunes that G and I have created dispense soul, humor, anger, passion and joy. They’re familiar enough to cozy up to, but different enough to be peculiar. The record is definitely eclectic and I hope it will encourage individual thought and provoke some interesting emotions."

"I've always been fascinated by the intimate and personal lyrics of artists like Dylan, words that could have meaning in anyone’s life," Deloian notes. "I approached many of my songs on this record similarly, writing lyrics that have helped me make sense of some my own struggles."

Garrett and Rodney have no interest in pretending to be anything other than what they are: passionate musicians, friends and genuine examples of how to honor good solid music. The Knuckles is an album you’ll want to hear, share and celebrate.


The Knuckles - The Knuckles

Set List

10-15 songs featuring most of tracks from recent release and several new songs.