The Kodiak Nightlife

The Kodiak Nightlife


Jason Sylvester, Jacqueline Bartel, Nick Fengler and Brad Ross formed THE KODIAK NIGHTLIFE in early 2010. All hailing from Metro Vancouver, and with musical backgrounds varying from folk, funk, pop, and hardcore this newly formed group is sure to turn heads. With a distinct classic yet modern rock sound with a touch of folk, this will be a band to keep an eye on.


After moving back to the Fraser Valley from Calgary, and having already previously released a solo acoustic/folk EP, Social Juggernaut, singer/songwriter Jason Sylvester wanted to expand his musical endeavours, and began searching for other likeminded musicians to collaborate with. Although it had been 5 years since they played together in their high school rock band, Nick Fengler (bassist from the recently dissolved Vancouver based Funk/Rock band The New Colors) was eager to start a new project. Together they discussed what exactly they wanted from a band, how it could sound, and how they would plan on achieving those goals. One thing they both agreed upon was the unique and cohesive sound of having both male and female vocals help bind all the songs together.
With a few songs already starting to take shape, they approached Jacqueline Bartel, another local singer/songwriter, whom was best known for her soft and airy voice, which often found itself harmonizing with many of her musical peers. She was more than excited to join the duo, and the band began to form. With the addition of Brad Ross (Drummer from the Hardcore band Against Grey), the quartet was completed and The Kodiak Nightlife began to build their repertoire of original music.
Although the group has only been working together since March 2010, they have already began to create a thick full sound, led by the strong and opposing voices from both Sylvester and Bartel. With each individual bringing such a wide variety of musical influences (Rock, Folk, Pop, Jazz, and Hardcore), the songs are also quite varied, although the band embraces these differences and feels it adds a dynamic for the listener. The strongest influences are that of the Rock/Folk/Alternative genres and the sound can best be described as reminiscent of The Raconteurs, Fleetwood Mac, Mother Mother, Wilco and Band of Skulls; however The Kodiak Nightlife is truly something unique and can’t fully be described with words. You better just go have a listen, hope you enjoy.


The Kodiak Nightlife
2 Song Demo (JULY 2010)

Set List

30 - 35 Minute Set List

Come Back to Me(2:45)
Jericho (4:00)
The Bear (5:50)
Confidence In Youth (3:25)
Jackie's Song (3:00)
Shakdown (3:40)
Focused (4:35)
The Dirt Don't Keep You Down (3:30)
Bon Voyage (4:00)