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"Kool Katz and A Style Of Their Own"

Who are the Kool Katz, you ask? Well let me introduce them to you. The Kool Katz is a new exciting band from that traditional hot bed of trend setting music, the Bay Area. The Bay Area has long been known for turning out the best and hottest groups especially, in regards to Latin music. Groups like Malo, Sapo, Azteca, Cal Tjader, Pete Escovedo, Tower of Power and of course the legendary Carlos Santana. The Kool Katz in my opinion are destined to follow that distinguished list of names. Based in San Jose, CA this group of seasoned musicians together with their creative original sound will quickly garner much deserved attention. When I first heard their music from a promotional 2-song disc I was blown away.
Having been in the music scene for many years I have seen many bands come and go. A lot of groups had the desire to succeed and for whatever reason did not follow through. Others lacked the organization and dedication necessary to succeed. Others even though were very good did not create a name for themselves due to a lack of creativity. The Kool Katz however, bring to you a style of their own. They mix the cool sounds of Jazz, hot driving Latin rhythm and Rock n Roll influences to create what they call Latin Razz. Call it what you may, Latin Jazz, Chicano Salsa or Latin Razz, this is exciting musica. They create irresistible and infectious rhythms that will satisfy the most discriminating listener. What makes their music so appealing is that it is all original material. Founded by Art Galvan, a seasoned guitarist and composer, Art's intention in forming the Kool Katz in1998 was to be one of the best Latin groups recording and performing original music. I firmly believe Art and the Kool Katz have accomplished this. Check out the beautiful vocal work by Kelly Galvan. You will be reminded by the smooth sounds of Gloria Estefan and Selena who happen to be her strongest musical influences. Throughout this exciting CD "Me Gusta Como Bailas" you will hear superb musicianship by talented and experienced performers.
The horn section along with driving Latin percussion makes this group swing! All original material is what impresses me most about the Kool Katz. They create moving melodies and toe-tapping arrangements. Art Galvan's solid guitar licks keep the music soulful. Kelly's expressive and dynamic vocals will delight you and will make you feel her passion. The tunes all speak for themselves and have such a rich appeal. Not since the Malo's classic hit "Suavecito" or Sapo's barrio favorite "Can't Make It" has there been a tune that mixes the sounds of R&B, Latin and Soul to create a Chicano Love anthem.
I firmly believe the tune "I Will Do Most Anything" will become a classic recording and put the Kool Katz on the Latino music map. Written by Art and Kelly, this song is simply amazing. The kind of tune that you will want to make note of what you are doing when you hear it for the first time. Additionally, "Style of our own", "Dazzed and Confused", "Me Gusta como Bailas", with it's touch of West Coast Salsa and "Please Stay With Me" showcase the group's versatility and solidifies that they have indeed found a style of their own.
Another favorite is the infectious cha cha "Your Love Just Moves Me"--WOW! This tune will definitely remind you of the early Chicano sounds of the groups Tierra, Malo, Sapo and El Chicano. Listen to the tight arrangement of the horns complimented by the very sabroso guitar--nice, very vice. Two other gems that I know will be crowd pleasers are the soulful "I Can't Let Go" and the cool "Kool Summer." Talk about Latino soul! The Kool Katz are oozing with Latin soul and have created their own thing.
I just wish all bands had the swing, sound and creativity that the Kool Katz do. I can't recommend this fine recording enough. Introduce all that you can to the Kool Katz sound. After all, they do have a style all their own. It is without a doubt so sabroso!
For more information on the Kool Katz visit them at their website at

The Kool Katz are:

Art Gavlan - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Kelly Galvan - Lead Vocals
Gilbert Galvan- Bass
Brandon Renteria - Drums & Vocals
Oscar - Saxophone
Mannt Angel- - Trumpet
John Escalera - Trumpet
Jeff Walton - Trombone
Eddie Jimenez- Congas & Percussion
By Erik Chico Manqueros
Host of East LA Revue
The Latin Style of Jazz and Contributing writer
Latin Style Magazine,
Latino LA

- Eric Chico Manqueros

"Can't Get Enough When You Strut Your Stuff"

Can't Get Enough When You Strut Your Stuff
San Jose's the KOOL KATZ make an impression in the Land of 1000 Dances
By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2007

"When you're hot, you're hot", it's been said about people and situations that are eye opening. L.A.'s Chicano Music scene is no exception, especially on a recent weekend, and a little extra when special guest talent rolls into the City of Angels.

With summer temperatures hovering around the 3 digit mark, THE KOOL KATZ rolled into the Land of 1000 Dances to make their L.A. debut, and turned up the heat with their saucy brand of Rock, Chili, and Roll for the Gente Brown, with extra portions of smooth personality and class that got a lot of attention, from a lot of people.

Starting off at a reception & dinner hosted by Mr. Steven Chavez of RAMPART RECORDS/EAST L.A. REVUE RADIO at PAUL's KITCHEN in Monterey Park, the KOOL KATZ cruised in and broke bread with the likes of Steven & Janie Chavez, Chico & Terri Manqueros, and me, Frankie Firme of East L.A. Revue Radio, Peter Jaramillo of Jaramillo Entertainment Group, Mike Rincon (Blendells, Blues Straight Up Band), Benny Lopez ( Thee Midniters, Midnite's Moon), cable TV's "East L.A. Rey" Garza, and many others for a meet & greet occasion and some great food.

Saturday night, Peter Jaramillo hosted the KOOL KATZ at his famed Whitier Radisson Hotel & Lounge, as they performed to a good-sized crowd and kept the dance floor full till closing, making their L.A. debut.

This was not a easy feat by any means, especially a new, virtually unknown band coming into L.A. for their debut, considering the likes of MALO, SOTO, SATISFACTION, THE COMPANY BAND, SANGRIA, THE WISEGUYS, ACE, and TRAFFIC JAM were all playing in and around the 'hood on this night...but word was out on the street that some "new guys" were on the block (thanks to, East L.A. Revue Radio & Chicano Express Radio), so the good looking and the curious came out to see who the new guys were.

THE KOOL KATZ were up to the task, despite legendary MALO in the very next ballroom at the Radisson Hotel. Undaunted, they came in 12 strong, complete with a 5 piece horn section and a hot, sensual sound that had all the guests, including Tony Barela of the BARELA BAND saying "Wow! These guys are good!". I was honored to share the stage with Chico Manqueros as we co-emcee'd the event, and Chico was even invited to come up on stage and join them on congas for a number.

Everybody in the house was more than pleasantly suprised when the guys from MALO came over after their gig to check out the KOOL KATZ, and were inspired to join them on stage for a number. "Wow" was the word for the night, which was memorable indeed.

Throughout the night, Kelly "The Kat" Galvan was simply sparkling at lead vocals, giving it her all for the L.A. crowd, dancing and singing her heart out on stage like she owned the place...and she did on this night! She gave up an L.A. style Oldies medley that just melted hearts. YOU GO, GIRL!

For most new bands coming into the big city of lights, entertainment, and beautiful people that is Los Angeles, California, this would have been a great debut, accomplishment, memory, and story to take back home...

...but CORY SILVA and the staff of MIDNIGHT PRODUCTIONS had other plans for the KOOL KATZ before we let them go back home to cooler temperatures...

In probably one of the most historic & legendary tribute line ups of assembled music talent on one stage east of the L.A. River in over 30 years, Cory put on a blockbuster tribute show at the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant Ballroom in Pico Rivera that featured the live sounds of: THE TEMPTATIONS, THE TEMPREES, THE MARVELETTES, THE DELFONICS, THE STYLISTICS, THE SHIRELLES, THE CHI-LITES, BILLY CORMIER & THE IMPOSTERS Band, RUDY SALAS (of TIERRA), TEX NAKAMURA (of WAR), ROCKY PADILLA, CORY,KEITH, & SARINA SILVA, and the AFTER DARK Band.

A most impressive show co-hosted by Frankie Firme & Chico Manqueros of East L.A. Revue Radio, this show was "the one"...

...and opening up the show : THE KOOL KATZ of San Jose, California!

Despite the long drive and the Friday & Saturday night appearances, THE KOOL KATZ were first up on stage, and busted out with their impressive energy and stage presence that has made them a virtual household word in Northern California, and now here they were, giving some of their best to the south...and we couldn't get enough!

Backstage, the legends of the lineup kept opening the side stage door to peek out at the KOOL KATZ during their performance, even breaking out in dance. I saw members of the DELONICS and SHIRELLES getting a little boogie on backstage when the KATZ opened up with their killer smash original "Your love moves me".

Not enough good stuff can be said about the KOOL KATZ, with their hot percussion, sizzling brass, killer guitar solos, tight stage performance, group harmony, original music, and of course, the stand out presence of lead vocalist Kelly Galvan.

The KOOL KATZ are truly cool, and are most welcomed back to the City of Angels, in the Land of 1000 Dances, where they made many friends and fans...with yours truly being at the top of the list!

Note: for more info on the Kool Katz: ~ and tell 'em you heard
it from Frankie Firme & ~ the word of Aztlan!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone, and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.
- Frankie Firme

"Keep it KOOL, baby!"

Keep it KOOL, baby!
San Jose's KOOL KATZ coming to L.A., July 14 - 15
By Frankie Firme Web Published 7.12.2007

Every so often, an original Chicano music band just reaches out and grabs me, compelling me to tell the World about them when mainstream America just won't...(The book "Hitmen", Vintage Books, 1990, explains volumes as to why American Music is like that).

Bands like PEPE MARQUEZ & THE FLASHBACKS, BARELA, THE WISEGUYS, LOS MOCOSOS, and QUINTO SOL are relatively new guys on the old circuit of the Land of 1000 Dances that draw people together once you've heard them, or heard of them. Their talent and performances tell the rest of the story.

I've said often over the years how my love of music & my involvement in the music business has blessed me with gifts of music & friends from all over the World, and this piece focuses on one of the latest new friendship with THE KOOL KATZ.

I first heard about the KOOL KATZ from my compadre CRAZY CHUY HERNANDEZ of Texas's CHICANO EXPRESS RADIO about 4 years ago. He plays them every so often on his show. Then, a couple of months later, some good friends of mine visiting San Jose attended a KOOL KATZ concert, and gave me a burned copy of their CD, with a bubbling recommendation that this band "would make it in L.A." if given a chance. Trouble was, the burned copy had no info on it, and I had no way of contacting this band.

Consequently, I could only play one song on my former weekly show that I knew the title of, "I would do most anything", that drew some positive audience response. In frustration of not finding anything on the internet about the KOOL KATZ music (besides the point that I was searching under Cool Cats~~duh!), and e-mails going unanswered, I gave up searching, thinking the band defunct.

Then, about 2 years later, a friend of mine and one of the heavies of West Coast Latin Jazz Radio, Erik "Chico" Manqueros returns from a business trip up north, and gifts me with a couple of CD's of Northern Califas Bands he's checking out, and one of them was the KOOL KATZ. He tells me they're friends of his, and that they will be visiting him and Steven Chavez of RAMPART Records soon.

Finally, I thought, I get to meet these guys. A couple of weeks later, I spot Steven Chavez & a couple I've never seen before in the audience at a show I was hosting featuring the powerful SATISFACTION Band. We meet, exchange pleasantries & contact info, and they stay to enjoy the show. The next day, the couple, Art & Kelly Galvan, join me for lunch and a cold one at the Santa Fe Springs swapmeet where BALANCE was taking the stage. Later on that day, they guested on one of my radio shows, and I felt comfortable that I had made some new friends. They thanked us for our hospitality, and offered to perform in L.A. if the opportunity came up.

...only I hadn't heard them perform live, so I reserved my recommendation until I had, know what I mean? (Their CD is killer by the way...I just gotta hear somebody live after being fooled before by studio "genius" engineers before!)

About 2 months later, Chico Manqueros invites me to co-host a concert~party with him in Santa Clara featuring RICHARD BEAN & SAPO, the JAMMIN' BAND, SUENO,LUV~TAXI, MIDNITE BREEZE, RON MOPON of CONFUNKSHUN, and of course...the KOOL KATZ, on Cinco de Mayo weekend.

I was pleasantly suprised to find out it was Art Galvan's birthday party, and that Art & Kelly had personally extended the invitation through Chico to both Steven Chavez and I, along with our about a touch of class to promo a show!...

...and what a show & party it was! The talent rocked a full house at the Club Avalon in Santa Clara all night long, but it was the KOOL KATZ that stood out, busting out with hard hitting brass, and impressive stage moves, not to mention great dance music. Steven Chavez, myself, and Chico Manqueros came back to the City of Angels so impressed with the KOOL KATZ that we began putting out the word of our new Northern California discovery and friends.

...and with that, LatinoLA takes pride in welcoming our newest warriors de Aztlan, in the Land of 1000 Dances ...THE KOOL KATZ.

Check out their website at :

Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul, heard everyday on and every other day on

- Frankie Firme


The Kool Katz
"Your love just moves me" (1998)
The Kool Katz
"Me gusta como bailas" (2000)
The Kool Katz
"A new Chicano groove"
featuring Ron Moton from Con Funk Shun (2009)

"Gozando With Chico"
Original Theme Song for
East LA Revue

Tracks streaming
Dazed and confused
Love of mine
Kool summer
Me gusta como bailas
Please baby stay
Style of our own
Here I am baby
I can't let go
I will do most anything
Kool Katz
Your love just moves me
Time to party
Now I Have You
Body & Soul
The Boot
How long until I see you
I just wanna share
Steppin Out
Here I am Baby
Don’t say goodbye
Gozando with Chico
Dance to the music
Mambo Salsa



Exciting! Fabulous! Explosive! This is the buzz about San Jose Recording Artist “The Kool Katz” band and our unique and infectious sound! We mix the cool sounds of Jazz, hot driving Latin rhythm and Rock n Roll influences like Malo, Sapo, Azteca, Cal Tjader, Pete Escovedo, Tower of Power, Gloria Estephan and of course the legendary Carlos Santana. With sultry vocals, searing guitar, a solid rhythm unit and screaming horn section – The Kool Katz will have you moving and grooving to guarantee any event will be a success. Once you hear our sound, you will find the Kool Katz to be very versatile and professional at what we do.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), The Kool Katz was founded in 1998 by guitarist Art Galvan and his wife, lead vocalist Kelly Galvan. Together, Art and Kelly combine their musical talents to compose The Kool Katz original sounds.

The Kool Katz have had the privilege of being the back up band for major recording artists such as, Pete & Juan Escovedo, Richard Bean of Sapo, Joe Bataan and Azteca.

The group has also shared the stage with other major recording artists: Evelyn “Champagne” King, The Gap Band, Lakeside, Malo featuring Jorge Santana, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Sheila E, Redbone, Rose Royce, Brenton Wood, Mic Gillette formerly of Tower of Power, Ron Moton from Con Funk Shun, Marvin McFadden from Huey Lewis & The News, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Errol Knowles of Azteca, Mike Rinta of Sly and the Family Stone and more.

Kool Katz Band has released three CDs on ANK Records; all three received national radio play and press. In 2008 the Kool Katz were signed to Record Label Rampart Records. The group has been working on their fourth CD with music producer Mr. Ron Moton, saxophonist and vocals for the group Con Funk Shun. Kool Katz wrote one of their originals entitled “Gozando with Chico” for the online radio show East LA Revue.
To date, its been played as their opening theme song and has received great reviews and hits from people all over the world!

Kool Katz has performed regionally and around the country at clubs, festivals, and concerts as well as live TV and Radio appearances throughout the United States.

Concerts –

·Kool Katz Jammin Celebration #1 @ the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds – 2001 (Musical Guests – Touch n Go, The Hitmen, Latin Groove, Max Cabello Jr.)
·Kool Katz Jammin Celebration #2 @ the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds – 2002 (Musical Guests – Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, Dr. Loco and his Rockin Jalepeno Band, The Hitmen)
·Kool Katz Jammin Celebration #3 @ the San Jose GI Forum – 2003
(Musical Guests – Pete and Juan Escovedo, The Hitmen, Albert T and the Cool Breeze, Estilo Unica “La Nueva De Generation”)
·La Raza Park Concert, San Francisco, CA
(Musical Guests – Malo, Sapo, Mystique)
·Club Miami 1st Annual Concert Series, San Jose, CA
(Musical Guests Rose Royce)
·LG Productions Concert Series @ GI Forum, San Jose, CA
(Musical Guests – Brenton Wood, Rocky Padilla
·MECCA Organization Halloween Ball, San Francisco, CA
(Musical Guests – Evelyn “Champagne” King)
·MEGA 97.9 FM Roots Fest 2001 Concert, Visalia, CA
(Musical Guests – The Gap Band, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood)
·MEGA 97.9 FM All Star Jam 2002 Concert, Fresno, CA
(Musical Guests – Lakeside, Jorge Santana, Richard Bean from Sapo, Arcelio Garcia from Malo, Brenton Wood)
·MEGA 97.9 FM 3rd Annual Car Show and Concert @ the Palace Indian Gaming Casino, Lemoore, CA
(Musical Guests – Redbone, Rose Royce, Rodney O & Joe Cooley)
·Kool Katz & Hitmen 1st Annual Pre-Christmas Celebration, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
(Musical Guests – Juan Escovedo from the Escovedo Family Orchestra, Ron Moton from Con Funk Shun, Marvin McFadden from Huey Lewis & the News, Richard Bean from Sapo)
·Kool Katz & Hitmen Spring Celebration, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
(Musical Guests – Pete & Juan Escovedo from the Escovedo Family Orchestra)
·Kool Katz & Hitmen Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
(Musical Guests – Latin Affect and Jammin)
·Kool Katz & Hitmen Halloween Bash, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
·Kool Katz Cinco de Mayo B-Day Bash, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
·(Musical Guests – Richard Bean of SAPO, Jammin, Los Suenos/Luv Taxi, Midnight Breeze)
·Kool Katz with Joe Bataan, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara (Musical Guests –La Ventana)
·Kool Katz A Tribute to the Music of AZTECA, Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara
(Musical Guests –Pete Escovedo, Juan Escovedo, Errol Knowles of AZTECA, Ron Moton of Con Funk Shun and HIPSTREET with Francisca Bravo “American Idol Finalist!”)
·Music in the Park – Pete Escovedo Headlining – Kool Katz opening the show

Kool Katz *TV and Radio: Live appearances throughout the United States, including
·KNTV 11 San Jose, CA
·KGO 7 San Francisco, CA
·KHOL 89.3 FM Fremont, CA
·KKUP 91.5 FM San Jose, CA
·KNDI AM & FM Hawaii
·KSJS 90.5 FM San Jose, CA
·KXCI 91.3 FM Tucson, AZ
·MEGA 97.9