Austin, Texas, USA
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Raw yet sophisticated, modern yet primitive, subtle yet powerful, thoughtful and spiritual yet packed with hell-popping fun, theKorkus is a natural homegrown Austin guitar-driven soundmonster, and a tight-knit group of friends keeping it weird since the early 90s.

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theKorkus is an Austin guitar-driven rock band with incredible musical, emotional, and thematic range, described as "timeless", "soulful", "hypnotic" and "weird yet strangely familiar", with influences from jazz to blues, prog to punk, classic rock to psychedelia.

The band's self-produced studio record "Leviathan" is available now. Long-time Texas pro John Bush's (New Bohemians, Greezy Wheels) drumming and producing skills have helped refine the songs from spontaneous swirlings into well-crafted jewels.

Years of work, creativity and focus have resulted in an amazing band - a top-fuel dragster that also handles great, with room for the whole family. Live shows are a raucous, barefoot dance party!



Written By: jim cherry


Through years of fears
hours of need
I tried to run
but did not succeed
stowed away
on a ship headed east
but the captain found me fugative
and gave me to the sea

Great eye blinking
I wake up in his guts
feel our bodies slowly sinking
the pounding of our blood

Oh Leviathan
now you're my only friend
let me begin again

Long days and nights
lying hidden from sight
I meditate
on how to make it right
there's no escape
I can't sleep in peace
I say my prayer
from the belly of the beast

bridge, chorus, reprise verse 1, bridge, chorus


Released September 2011

Also, tons of audio and video available at

Set List

We usually play ~ 1.5 to 2 hours.

Typical set list:
China Bull
Cold Waste
Ghost Planet
One Big Lie
Far-Seeing Eye
The Hanged Man
Young and Dumb
Black Dress
The Letter
The Key
Travelling Song
Not Far Away
A Leg to Stand On
Medicine Bag
all can be found at