the kramdens

the kramdens


the kramdens are from Guelph, Ontario. They have just released their 5th album (Nov. 2008). Their last CD, Quiet Collision, was released by Sextant Records/EMI, with supporting national TV appearances (CanadaAM, OpenMike), national radio play and a CASBY nomination from Edge 102.


In the 18 years The Kramdens have been together, they’ve seen a lot. The road trips. The sound checks. The highs & lows. And countless changes to a scene that has made both artists and labels shrug and throw their arms up in the air. But throughout all these experiences, they’ve grown, learned, persevered, and developed a reputation for writing and performing well-crafted songs and playing them to an audience that becomes as much a part of the show as the band.
Their latest self-titled album, released in November 2008 by Sunny Lane Records (Fontana North), showcases their songwriting coming of age. A more focused, textured and insightful sound has developed from their 18-month foray into their own studio, painstakingly finding the right sound, the right arrangement, the right words to create an album completely unlike their previous efforts. With songs ranging from the familiar roots and pop rock sound the band has been known for, to more introspective ballads, this album is a significant departure for the band. Fronted by CBC Radio 3 host Craig Norris, The Kramdens have performed at countless bars, clubs, festivals and benefits over the years. They have been a repeat favourite at the Hillside Festival, and their performance at this year’s 25th anniversary festival was broadcast on CBC Radio 2’s Canada Live this past November. Known for getting crowds of all kinds on their feet and dancing, the band has proven versatile enough to entertain equally in any venue, tailoring shows to their crowd and delighting audiences at every turn.


1997 ...semi-stylish (DROG)
1999 Radio for Now (DROG)
2002 Quiet Collision (Sextant Records / EMI)
2005 XV (Independent)
2008 The Kramdens (Sunny Lane Records)