The Krissy Matthews Band

The Krissy Matthews Band


The next generation of British Blues! "...oh boy, this kid can play..." Hubert Sumlin


It’s a busy life for an aspiring musician, let alone when you are 14 years old and school and homework has to be done. Krissy Matthews has been on the rise since his debut on stage at just the age of three, since then, his musical hobby has become more of a way of life whilst Krissy himself has become more and more established as a musician in the Blues industry.
Receiving his first electric guitar on his 8th birthday as a present from his Mum and Dad, Krissy started to take up playing more seriously taking his influence from ‘The Shadows’. Famous songs such as ‘Apache’ were heard from Krissy’s room all day.
It wasn’t until Krissy was 10 years old that he was introduced to the sound of the blues by the likes of Robert Johnson and BB King. It was then that Krissy really developed a feel for this music and began to write his own songs realising the potential for creating personal and emotional music from his own experiences.
It has been an upward spiral from then on starting with Krissy gigging with his Dad in various pubs around Oxfordshire gearing towards him forming a band in his own right at just 12 years old. This was Krissy’s Blues Boys, The Krissy Matthews Band as we know it today.
This band triggered interest from music festivals and other musicians so at 13 years of age, Krissy had already played with John Mayall (John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers) and Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake) along with other rising players in the industry.
Although Krissy has been writing his own songs since the tender age of 11, his best advice to come was from an experienced musician in May of 2005 who, understanding the complications of writing Blues as a teenager, gave Krissy guidance which shows through all his music now:

‘Don’t pretend you’re an old blues man and you were born in the early 1900’s in Mississippi because you weren’t, write about what you know and what is true to you’

Russell ‘Hitman’ Alexander at the Limelight Theatre Aylesbury, May 2005

Any fan of Krissy will find pleasure in the innocent and true to life situations he sings about. He certainly does not write about things he has not himself experienced anymore.
After playing with John Mayall at Notodden Blues Festival in Norway, Krissy grew more established in the industry. He has now been featured in various national papers and appeared on the Norwegian equivalent of GMTV ‘God Morgen Norge’. His latest achievement is the signing of his distribution and promotion deal with Via Music for his latest album ‘Influences’, changed to ‘Bluesboy’ for the Scandinavian market which went on sale nationwide on 20th March 2006. To celebrate the release of the CD, Krissy went over for a big promotion and press weekend in March, and in April went over for 2 gigs at Muddy Waters, Oslo and Eidsvoll Rock & Blues Club to support the great Ana Popovic. And went back for 4 dates in August.
Krissy's two biggest influences are Jimi Hendrix and Freddie King and when you get to see him live, this becomes clear.

Only time will tell how successful Krissy Matthews will become. One thing is for sure, he has certainly made an impression and knows how to play the guitar, keep following to find out his latest news.


Krissy Matthews - Influences
Tracks can be listened to on
The CD is available on ITunes and various other sites, with this CD renamed as "BluesBoy"

Set List

in no particular order:
School Day Blues (K. Matthews)
Jammin' (K. Matthews)
Blues for Robert (K. Matthews)
The Soul Will Never Die (K. Matthews)
Never Seen a Fool (K. Matthews)
Sometimes (Krissy Matthews)
Hideaway (F. King)
Voodoo Chile (J. Hendrix)
Purple Haze (J. Hendrix)
Farther on up the Road (F. King)
Crossroads (R. Johnson)
Rambling Blues (R. Johnson)
Blues Boys (K. Matthews)
I Have The Blues (K. Matthews)
W-H-Y (K. Matthews)
Love Struck Baby (S. Vaughan)
Hey Joe (J. Hendrix)
Wind Cries Mary (J. Hendrix)
All They Did Was Blues (K. Matthews)
Feeling for the Blues (K. Matthews)
No Age Limit (K. Matthews)