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“Chasin U.F.O.s”

“querky is good.”
right off i liked this tune. why?
it's unique in it's own way.
the style of rockabilly, the riff is simple yet querky, but in this case querky is good.
the use of samples i.e. radio, crashes, ufo noises ect. helps suck you into the song. the song reminds me of queens of the stone age.
the overall performance worked for me as i found it very entertaining, the song itself was catchy. and overall i have nothing bad to say. it didn't blow my hair back, but it did keep me interested.
- phestur from Northfield, Ohio on 5Aug2007

Southern rock meets surf rock. This tune is a fun toe tapper. Vocalist reminds me of Molly Hatchet. Nice effects, kinda artsie. Good song, good performance.
- SPATER from Newark, New York on 12May2007

"reviews of the kultivators on"

“Gotta JOB”

“Very cool”
I love the old school rock vibe that this song gives off. The song itself is so different and really carries a cool mood to it.

I loved how each verse told a new story or progression for the person and his/her new jobs. Every stanza of lyrics fit very well and the story had the opportunity to be understood clearly. I like the "no nonsense" vibe that the lyrics give off.

The production seems fine as far as a recording goes. There didn't seem to be any holes or parts within the song that I thought were off or missing or could use a little extra.

I would like to see what the production of this song is like when played live. It has a magnetic quality to it and I think the lyrics of the song would make for an interesting crowd/performer relationship for the 3:42 that this song is played!

Highly enjoyable - best of luck!
- SOTAtheband from Pompano Beach, Florida on 18Apr2007

“Heh heh”
I guess if Devo did the blues this is what we'd have. Clever.

On to your requested comments.

1. Song: The song is clever.

2. Lyrics: See above. This song is mostly about the lyrics. You could do this in a lot of different styles and still pull it off.

3. Production: This is the tricky part. The production isn't stellar, but, does it have to be for this song? I don't think so. I think it works for the type of song it is.

By the way, I'm about to go quit my job right now -- all because of you.
- RoaneSky from Houston, Texas on 2May2007

"Job" blues
Blue collared blues. All about the "job". Very hilarious lyrics here. Vocals remind me of David Byrne (Talking Heads). The lyrics have the Talking Heads sensibility on some level. At 1:45, the whole meat factory breaks into song with the narrator. I hear murmurs of ZZ Top and George Thorogood in this one. Not the most original of tracks, but amusing and well-executed all the same.

- emallove from Boston, Massachusetts on 18Apr2007


CD is "Ricketty, Raggedy & Downright feral" and is downloadable from our website. or there are several songs for download on and all under the kultivators.



The Kultivators:
Rootsy Rockin beats Rockin for Rocks sake! A three piece band whose music is appreciated by a wide range of listener from young to old! The Kultivators are a versatile band and can make the music suit the event by, either easing off to the country end of The Kultivators or pushing it tough, hard and loud at a Festival or Rock event with their brand of rock.
The Kultivators will suit MANY different event scenarios playing originals and a few covers, having great “Tongue in cheek” lyrics that everyone can relate to! Not too serious – Just a lot of FUN!!!
Influences are too many to name from the Blues greats to the seventies greats to the nineties and now. We try to write familiar, head nodding songs that are not too complex but still have an edge. We have an old school approach but we really dont sound like anyone else - we sound like the Kultivators, the songs are about people and everyday stuff, no great messages other than fun.
CD “Ricketty, Raggedy & Downright Feral”