The Kyle Mann Combo

The Kyle Mann Combo



This unique group is something different to hear and see in the music scene today. Kyle Mann is a 19-year-old experimental songwriter who has been performing with Matt Nagrodski since they were eleven years old. Many who first see this group set-up wonder if this is a Jazz Trio? Not really, infact they have played with many rock/punk bands like Allister (Drive-Thru) and The Dog and Everything where the intense piano songs without the use of much guitar reveals something unique. But they also branch out into many different genres combining Jazz, Bossa Nova, Classical, Funk, Pop, and Jam where they have performed with many professional, independent, and popular musicians at many venues like the Congress Theater and most recently The 2005 Taste of Chicago. They have a new CD out and hope to bring their original sound your way.

Set List

Our set lists tends to be different each performance, usually starting out with 7 or 8 songs switching from piano to guitar and electric to stand-up bass between each, (some on c.d., some requests, and some new), then a jam is thrown in here and there.