The LabMonkeys

The LabMonkeys

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Excellent songwriting is the core of The LabMonkeys. With influences from The Beatles to The Clash, no LabMonkey song sounds like another; yet, all of their songs have insanely catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics and excellent musicianship.


The LabMonkeys are among the most innovative and eclectic singers/songwriters performing today. They've been called a mix between The Police, The Beatles, and U2...with a dash of childish and/or thought provoking lyrics. The innovative chord licks mixed with melodic bass riffs and lead and harmonizing vocals make for an Awe-inspiring treat for the eyes and ears during a performance.

Drawing on a wealth of influences, The LabMonkeys have combined the best of rock, pop and blues to develop a sound that is uniquely their own, but also more mainstream and "hook-filled."
You'll have to hear them. They have a wide range of musical interests and it shows in their music.


My Time

Written By: Butler

I feel you coming up behind me
And I know what you need to say
I don’t want to hear it; don’t want to hear it
Can’t we put this off till another day?

And I know it’s my time to go
And I know it’s my time to go

I’m a pro at procrastination
Haven’t even begun what I need to get done
Need a little more time, just a little more time, sir
Got to make it right for my wife and my kids

It’s been a good ride
Not too much to hide
I’ll miss your love
As I gaze from up above

Life Is Good

Written By: Sonnenberg

The last time I saw you, you were walking out my door
And when you left my knees just fell and hit the floor
Life is a comedy and a tragedy all the same
If I saw you again would I even know your name

Life is good
And you know that life is bad
And though it’s been so rough
It’s the only time we ever have

Been looking for some happy news, only been finding bad
Some things just seem so tough, they really make me mad
Little kids and the icecream truck dripping down their arms
Hoping it treats them well and it never brings them harm

We all have just one chance, so don’t let it pass on by
With bad there’s always good no need to ask it why
These times are really tough, some day they’ll all be gone
It will bring us a smile, and then we’ll know we have won

Walking Away

Written By: Sonnenberg

I’m walking away
Walking away from your love

When you kiss me goodnight
I feel your love touch my skin
When you kiss me just right
I feel your loving begin

When I am away
I know you’re with someone new
When I cannot stay
I know that someone’s with you

I cannot tell a lie
I know it’s a crazy world
(and it keeps me running)
I don’t know why I see in your eyes
I don’t know why, I don’t know why
(and it keeps me running)

You’re all my thoughts
I know I love you too much
I see in your eyes
The love I feel in your touch

Then It Goes Away

Written By: Sonnenberg

Miss Susie’s having so much fun
Teasing the neighbor’s garden sprinklers
Sitting on a quiet stoop
The neighbors watch on, but looking quite wrong

No need to look that far away
From this right here, I have to say
Life is but a joke, then it goes away

Little bobby’s playing with his dolls
Running up the stairs drifting past his cares
Daddy’s sitting in his lounging chair
Hoping it will pass, how long will it last

I try to remember; I hope it doesn’t change me, or will it raise me
I try not to look back, not that I would see, or could see
I try not to look in the mouth of a gift horse, or, of course
Is it just that simple, is it just Life’s course, the one source

Dirty Darrell doesn’t seem to care
What he smells like, or even looks like
People pass him with a distant smile
Talking under breath seething all the while

Without You

Written By: Sonnenberg

All those years ago
I had spent looking for you
It’s been a long, long while,
Without a smile; without you

I feel the days slipping away without you

I hear you’ve started over
Started over with a new man
I hear it’s going great, going great
With your new man

But back in the day
We chased all the clouds away
Although, back in the day
I’d make such a fuss
Over something you’d say

All those tears ago
I had spent looking for you
It’s been a long, long while
Without a smile; without you

I feel the days slipping away
Everyday just slipping away
I feel the days slipping away without you


Written By: Sonnenberg

I try to miss you but I can’t remember
The last time I saw you was in late December
I thought it meant a lot, but I guess I was wrong

I can’t see your face no more in the back of my head
I replaced it with some things I dream instead
I thought it meant a lot, but I guess I was wrong

Time is marching on
Need to start a new life
Time to move on
With a brand new life

I know I have to move on with someone new
I know I have to move on without you
I thought it meant a lot, but I guess I was wrong

Time keeps passing by; it always will
The pictures in my head are standing still
I thought it meant a lot, but I guess I was wrong


The LabMonkeys are currently working on the final mixes and mastering of their new CD to be completed during the Summer of 2009.

Set List

Come Together – Beatles
Good Life
Last Dance With Mary Jane – Tom Petty
Modern Day Woman
Change the World
Basket Case - Greenday
Fall From Grace
Without You
Life is Good
Get Back - Beatles
What Are We Doing Now?
Walking Away
We Need Some Light
Take Me To The River – Talking Heads
Then It Goes Away
Pump It Up – Elvis Costello
Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats
Lucille - Little Richard