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The Lab Rats

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The Lab Rats are defined by a rock & roll mentality and a blue collar reality; explained within the realm of hip hop, blues, rock & electronica.


Multi-instrumental musicians from Columbus, Ohio; making genre-bending music that has rap, beats, grooves, keyboards, guitars, scratches, riffs, jams, feedback, sweat, laughs, beers, blues and truths. The Lab Rats are defined by a Rock and Roll mentality and a blue collar reality; explained within the realm of hip hop, blues, rock & electronica; determined to make new music.

Coming from the lower-middle class land of suburbia, lyricist/guitarist, Brian Brown delivers observations taken from his life and the world around him. With 30 menial day jobs under his belt and the loans from his unfinished community college days almost paid off, he has chosen the pen as his weapon to combat the doldrums of a Midwestern, working class lifestyle.

DJ KW is the beatmaking part of this duo. Deeply experienced in the making and DJing of electronic music, KW is steeply entrenched in a multi-instrumental world of keyboards, laptops, guitars, hand percussion. KW loves technology and loves it equally in his studio and on your stage. In addition to blazing his pedal steel guitar, he uses two Numark CD-X digital turntables and KORG synths.

This is the second offering from this Columbus based Hip Hop duo. It’s front porch stories of ghost trains that visit you in the night. It's an existential exercise that explains the purpose of your nervous system. It's a guide to stretching pennies and the art of scratching lottery tickets. It's a deadbeat dad story that would make Oprah Winfrey weep. It's a conspiracy theory from a delirious lyricist. It’s half full ashtrays and half empty glasses. Everything you hear on this record (beats, clinks, riffs, skronks, booms and bips) were performed by the Rats themselves and are the result of a self contained effort. No classic recordings were harmed in the making of this album.
Their first record, "Short Order EP" was called one of the best five releases in 2004 by their hometown, weekly arts paper.



Written By: by The Lab Rats

Let me get to the point and begin,
I'm stuck to the bic like a siamese twin,
Joined at the pen,
Lend me an ear while I present this pensive pencil to stencil sense in your mentals.
I spit rhapsodys, on these rap cds, for emcees, that dont know the half of me.
Max out the capacity, when I flip the script, with some gymnastic mastery.
I'm a white kid, ghost with the most.
I float bragadociously, from coast to coast.
Fuck a cracker I'm a whole loaf of toast,
It's like butter when I jam to the notes
that I wrote, in remote mode, the ill flow,
steady talkin' shit like this mics a commode,
stone cold, to the bone I'll be breezin'
cool similes to leave the fonz freezin'
Babble on Lab songs, a rat that'll be spit wisecracks to the cats that wanna tag along
Face facts, all you wack ass vagabonds couldn't walk the same line I stagger on.

Sittin' on top of the world, what a view.
Cant be touched when I parlez-vous,
I clutch the mic with K on the ones and twos,
It's the Lab Rats, everyday we amaze the muse.
Keepin it hot, blaze the fuse,
Drop razor grooves and clock rave reviews.
Two mutha fuckas who got nothing to lose
hip hop, rhythm, and blues
nicotine, izzm and booze.
we thicken the mood like molasses
and kick back in a casual fashion, to blast this,
bombastic concept, beyond wrecked,
whenever we're on.....are we on??
check the mic, revvin on eleven at red lights
you're dead right, you never met a competitor
better with the rhetoric medicine peddlin predacates
that'll have you meddlin kids so hit, your head'll spin
damn. not even makin sense a little bit,
must be this ritalin kickin in that I fiddle with
My shit'll stick to teflon griddles and riddle cliques beyond all borders
and everything in the middle.


"Short Order EP" Released October 2004. Art by Craig Dransfield.

"Half Full Ashtrays, Half Empty Glasses" Released October 2006.

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All original, alternative hip hop from the Midwest.