Lady Rho

Lady Rho

 Hollywood, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Lady Rho, a Texas native, is world-class hip-hop sensation, stunning audiences with her raspy vocals. Her music can best be described as an eccentric gumbo pot of Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Reggae. Lady Rho and her live Hip-Hop band are a super force that won't give you a second to blink.


Lady Rho, a Texas native, found herself recently moving to Los Angeles to established her career in Hollywood. Her inspirational soul sound and motivating rhymes puts Lady Rho at the top of her class. She addresses real issues like poverty, self-awareness, love, greed, civic responsibility and friendship; music that feeds the soul. It is her intention to educate, motivate, self-reflect, and inspire listeners. She has had the opportunity to play in states like NY, LA, Atlanta, New Orleans, Gulf Port, Seattle, and many Texas cities. She has played numerous charity events and entertainment events including the Red Ribbon Rally, Cancer Benefit Concerts, NBA All-Star Weekend, Martin Luther King Summit, House of Blues, and special appearances on Fox News in Texas.

This year Lady Rho has changed the sound of Hip Hop forever by creating a full live female-fronted Hip-Hop band. As a band they have performed at the Wiltern Theater, Viper Room, Whiskey a GoGo, The Cat Club, Unurban Cafe, House of Blues, and the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas; making them the first live Hip Hop Band to ever perform on The Wasted Space Stage, where so many other well known talented bands have played.

Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Lady Rho has seen life in impoverished places. As a child she would watch her father play the organ at his leisure. When he would walk away she would sit for hours pecking keys, learning and streaming the sound of each note to make her own music. Pain, poverty and misfortune would help shape her sound into songs. She would go on to write hundreds of original material. She then started to perform at different churches and schools before striking out to perform across the country. Here it became clear to her what GOD had planned for her life.

Lady Rho is precisely what the world is lacking. Her music speaks for itself. One minute she's a gravelly soulful R&B artist and next she is a sassy as a-matter-of-fact, in your face rapper. Her music can best be described as an eccentric gumbo pot of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock. Her mentors in the industry are artists like: MC Lyte, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah and more. She is often described as a hard worker and leader of class. Lady Rho in her own words: "I really, really love what I do. Truly, I was made for this."


"Rho Model" - LP

Set List

Perform as many or as few songs needed for the event. Each song is approx 3-4 minutes.

Song List:
Real Chick
Find Out For Yourself
Need A King
I'm Here Now
Got Got
Don't Waste My Time
Where You At?
Somethings Happened
Bad vs Good
I Want You to Listen
Illusion (Jezebel)
Out My System
I Really Love You
Lies vs Truth
Losing Me
Be Like This
Love's No Longer There
Don't Want 2B A Fool
Pay Dues
One of Them
Shine, Shine
You Don't Know Me
Come with Me (Travel the World)
Too Close
Cold as Ice
This My Life
On a Mission
Don't Ever Say
Many People
In You I Live
Remember Me
No Sense (There's No Sense In)
God Is Good