The Lampshades

The Lampshades

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Lampshades are a three-piece indie rock band out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their latest release, Numbskull Nothinghead comes out October 14.


The Lampshades are a 3-piece indie rock/pop band based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2003 as teenagers in Altoona, Pennsylvania, their latest album Numbskull Nothinghead comes out on October 14.


Sunshine, 2005. (9 tracks, Prison Jazz Records, PRI-009)
Surprise!, 2006. (12 tracks, Soap Bar Records, SB-001)
Are Alright, 2008. (14 tracks, Soap Bar Records, SB-002)

Arena Punk, 2013. (4 tracks, Soap Bar Records, SB-004)
Numbskull Nothinghead, 2014. (13 tracks, Soap Bar Records, SB-005)

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