The Landing

The Landing


Sad girl indie piano rock. Emphasis on killer hooks, instruments that blend, precise drumming & thoughtful lyrics. Sounds like a little girl misses The Rapture and writes songs about lost loved ones in an empty world. Key influences: Mars Volta, Air, Cat Power, Porcupine Tree, Thomas Newman.


In 2005, 20 year-old singer/pianist Lilly Wolfson appeared on the nationally syndicated "A Prairie Home Companion" as a finalist in the "Talent from Twelve to Twenty" Contest. Wolfson performed an original song, "I See the Rain," blending classical piano training and her own melancholy vocal style. Her performance won the award for "Most Amiable Stage Presence," but it was perhaps this recognition of her likability that prompted Wolfson's break from the female singer/songwriter style.

Seeking a more powerful, darker sound, with visions of interlaced piano and distorted guitar, Wolfson began searching the Bay Area for a backing band. The formula clicked in mid-2007 with the mix of a progressive jazz drummer (Shilling), and a guitarist relocated from the DC punk scene (Neuhausen). With dozens of songs written during Wolfson's solo years, the band quickly reworked several numbers and recorded three in May 2007 at Faultline Studios in San Francisco with producer Joe Kay. Now playing shows from San Francisco to San Jose and even venturing to the East Bay, be sure to check out "The Landing" live and get a copy of their EP.


The Landing EP

Set List

1 cover and 10 originals, about 50 minutes.

Covers are typically slower, darker alternative tunes reworked for piano and female vocals, for example, "3 Libras" by A Perfect Circle or "Karma Police" by Radiohead.