Chronicles of the Landsquid

Chronicles of the Landsquid


an all instrumental three piece organism bringing a danceable mixture of heavy electro-techno, groove-oriented drum + bass, and our own 'in the pocket' style fusion jazz. the Landsquid 'is a late-night tronic facial.'


Formed in the summer of 2006, 'Chronicles of the Landsquid' joined together out of different musical collaborations. Justin Aubuchon and Matthew Sayour started their roots with 'Professor Qi' in the summer of '04. They soon parted ways to explore different musical horizons. The next summer Justin joined forces with Nicolas Carusos in 'the key of Q.' After realizing their common thread in musical exploration, the three quickly joined together to create an all instrumental/electronic power trio.

With influences ranging from jazz fusion to electronic drum & bass, Chronicles tries to push the envelope into new terrain. Through their unique expeditions of uncharted musical realms they've realized their main objective is get everybody out on dance floor.

"The Landsquid has evolved from a dormant, ocean-dwelling beast to a terrestrial dance-machine." - the kraken


Live From - the pourhouse

Set List

Show normally consists of two sets (~60-80 min.)
Original Songs
1. Dogs
2. Floyd
3. Planet Sooth
4. Urchin
5. DDS
6. Escape Goat
7. Wiley Bird
8. Mildred
9. Mister Panzone
10. Alone On Mars
11. Arcade
12. Jephis
13. Loose Canon
14. Billy Zapka S.T.L.
15. Knobgoblin
16. Randle's Sandle

1. The Final Countdown