The Last Almanac

The Last Almanac


The Last Almanac is fronted by Josiah Rosen (former guitar player and songwriter of Augustana). The music blends the Americana rock of Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams with the powerful lyrics of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.


The Last Almanac front man, Josiah Rosen, has felt his share of heartbreak and incorporates every lingering sting into his new album, "A Memoir." After co-founding Augustana and spending three and a half years supporting "All the Stars and Boulevards" in every purple-smoke-laced bar and club in the United States, Rosen returned from Los Angeles to his hometown of St. Louis in 2006.

There, Rosen crafted his debut album as The Last Almanac,
"A Memoir." He harnessed years of heartbreak, hardship,
dreams lost and dreams found into a lyrical bluntness full of wisdom
and free of petulance. This caught the attention of Curb Appeal Records,
who will release the record officially in summer of 2008. This will
coincide with the bands summer tour.
Aaron Spraggs, Michael Lloyd and Ryan Cain are emerging from
their success in the Kentucky based band, The October. These three men
have been playing together for over five years as a one of the most solid
rhythm sections in the Midwest. A story reminiscent of The Band and
Bob Dylan. The desire to get back to their roots of American music
lead to Josiah in early 2008. The Last Almanac is now based out of
Nashville Tennessee.
In their relatively short time together the group
has toured throughout the Midwest.
The onstage presence of The Last Almanac is as comforting as
it is contagious.


Barstool Loyalty

Written By: Josiah Rosen

I'll stand alone and scream at the top of my lungs. Wandering the midwest hills and through the plains of wheat fields. No, I'll never be the sober man you want me to be. I'll always be a bit a lush if I lose the glass I lose my touch. The barstool's been good to me, my only true loyalty. But, in your gentle waters like the years of my youth oh holy ghost don't abandon me. Love's been hard to see. I'll wear the cuff she wears the ring cause the city lights are faint in sight. In this small town life you find a wife. I'll wager all of my years for this to find your ears. I need love and not my own cause I can't use rocks to build my thrown. The barstool's been good to me, but it's not my life honestly. But in your gentle waters like the years of my youth oh holy ghost don't abandon don't abandon me.

Pour The Liquor

Written By: Josiah Rosen

18 years old I shot down like a cannonball through the old gravel tracks and tall smoke stacks. This nostalgia's like a stab in the back. I was old enough to wonder the spell that I was under. Call em sheltered dreams, poison at the seams, or boys ambition running free. But, in the heart of America, no I can't seem to find her. Cause the blanket of the leaves disguise her face from me, those sycamores of poetry. Now I'm poor and I'm alone with children at the door waiting to father me. I left my family and friends for everywhere I've been and they loved me for nothin. Pour the liquor strong so I forget what I've done wrong. So I'll speak in my own defense that it's just a lack of confidence that always brings me down. In the pain of my days I've spent every hour wasted in vain. Trying to prove there's something wrong and ease the brittle songs that spite me and drive me insane. California calls from the lining of the oceans walls. And it's not that I don't care the burden's hard to bear. Can you breathe the bite of salt in the air? Oh yea. So pour the liquor strong and forget what I've done wrong. So I'll speak on my defense that it's just a lack of confidence that always brings me down. Oh it always brings me down.


A Memoir - Self released June 2006
Released through Curb Appeal March 2008

Set List

Bad Blood
Barstool Loyalty
The Frontlines
Pour The Liquor
Better Off Alone

Typical sets are about 6 songs (30 minutes), but can add songs for a 45 minute set