The Last Ambassadors

The Last Ambassadors

 San Francisco, California, USA

The Last Ambassadors is a band on the rise as one of the premier live acts in the San Francisco Bay area. Drawing on a variety of musical influences, from rock to pop to dance to psychedelic, TLA provides a high energy live experience that is guaranteed to get you moving.


Formed in the spring of 2008, The Last Ambassadors have spent the last three years honing a sound that is hard to categorize. Compared to such acts as My Morning Jacket, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Last Ambassadors have crafted a unique style that combines rock, pop, funk and psychedelic with electronic influences that permeate throughout.

The Last Ambassadors released their first album "Treaties" in the fall of 2010. Mastered by multi-Grammy nominee Alan Silverman, "Treaties" displays the band's signature sound of soaring harmonies and complex guitar melodies intertwined with a driving groove. In the fall of 2011, The Last Ambassadors returned to the studio to record their second full-length album, and is now showcasing their new material at their energetic and captivating live shows.


Slaves To Time: 2009
Treaties: 2010

Set List

Setlists can be as short as 20/30 mins and as long as 2-3 hours depending on what the gig calls for. We play a variety of music and can tailor the setlist to whatever makes sense for the show (rock, dance, ballad, jam). the underlying themes that appear in all our setlists are multipart harmonies, dance beats and overdrive.

songs we play at most/all shows:

-no gravity
-strange dream