The Last Bite Band

The Last Bite Band

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Last Bite Band has a certain sound that is both natural and electric, drawing on their taste in progressive bands like Yes, Kansas, Rush and even further back; Led Zeppelin, Gentile Giant and Kiss.
The Band is Moving forward from the studio into the Live Scene with determination and Style.


The Last Bite Band; a musical group formed in October of 1984 that is considered by the music industry as progressive and were under the name P.M., until 2008. The initials P.M. were taken from the two founding band members Peter and Michael Sheehan.
Raised in Southern California Peter and Michael were introduced to the music industry at a very young age. Peter (Guitarist) bought his first guitar (Gibson Les Paul) at the age of twelve. Self taught Peter started his first band out of grade school with his brother Michael and shortly recorded a demo that was used as a school anthem. With the growing desire to succeed Peter and Michael joined the ranks of the local Rock and Roll scene in 1975 opening for some pretty popular groups at the then youth hang-out called “Escape Country”, one of Southern California’s (Orange County) party destinations.
In the late 80’s the two founding members relocated to Phoenix Arizona where they started a musical group “Boss Fusion” which later became known as “Allelois”. After the band Allelois Peter and Michael Sheehan took time to reinvent what they were. The World Wide Web had become an avenue that had yet to be explored and they decided that a degree in computer science (Mike in Media Development & Peter in Networking). They both obtained degrees before moving forward with music.
After considering various names the two revisited their childhood, and remembered a name from the past, one that existed as the name of their very first band that consisted of Pete and an old acoustic guitar, and Mike on vocals. The name was “The Last Bite”.
The Last Bite Band have completed three albums (The Last Bite, Return of the Giant Killers, & Designs) and are working on a fourth and fifth albums Seasons and The Absolute North.
We are excited about the future and look forward to the many electrifying times that will not only change our lives, but all those who are and will become part of our dream…


The Last Bite