The Last Blackout

The Last Blackout


EPIC ROCK! We are an original four piece rock band from Dublin. All in our early 20s. We formed in summer 06 and have been writing and rehearsing since then. we sound like a mixture of hard guitar based rock mixed with keys for something epic!


Our influences are diverse. Examples would be: QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Muse, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Mars Volta, Rage, The Who, Kyuss. We each have influences which would not necessarily be shared by other members of the band. Our drummer, for instance, has many influences the rest of us have never even heard of. Thats because he has lots of free time to listen to music as he is a dirty student!Most of our songs are guitar driven rock songs. Hard alternative rock songs with keyboards which stand out. We are competent musicians. What sets us apart from other bands are that our songs are intensive and at their best can connect at an emotional level. With keyboards added and two decent singers we immediately stand out.


As yet we do not have any releases. we have only very recently recorded our first 3 track demo.

Set List

We recently headlined the Temple Bar Music Store on June30th. This was our set list which lasted around 1 hour:

1. Broken Dreams
2. Nothing
3. Detonate
4. When Its Over
5. Whiskey Fuelled
6. Dizzy Eyes
7. Once (When I Was Alive)
8. Holding
9. My Hero(Foo Fighters Cover)
10. Gone
11. The Watcher
12. I Fold

We have some new songs which we have not been able to develop and practice properly as we have been gigging heavily recently. These songs will be added to the list or replacing those already on to make the set list stronger.