The Last Broadcast

The Last Broadcast

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A Live fusion of hip-hop/indie/experimental groove music with conscious lyrics. Think....Gym Class Heroes meets Eminem....meets Medeski Martin and Wood.


The Last Broadcast originates "indie-funk hip-hop" by blending rock, funk, jazz, R&B with a modern hip-hop style and conscious lyrics. Their sound can best be described as Eminem meets Gym Class Heroes and the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the musical chops of Medeski, Martin & Wood. Based in NYC, The Last Broadcast continues to fuse genres and redefine hip-hop.

At the age of 18, Loki Velez (Lead Vocalist) began his career opening for Raekwon and Ghostface of Wu-Tang Clan, Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, Goodie Mob, and Public Announcement which led to his writing lyrics for Cheryl James of Salt 'N' Pepa on unreleased tracks by Wycleff Jean and Kip Collins. In the late '90s, Velez toured the east coast with underground hip-hop group, The Arsonists (Matador Records). His rhymes and vocals were also featured on UPN's television show, "Half & Half," recorded and produced by Kip Collins.

Scott Ferreira (Guitarist) received a BFA in Jazz Performance from City College of New York in 2003, and has studied with Wayne Krantz, David Gilmore, and John Patitucci. He has been playing the guitar for 17 years and has been teaching for 11. Ferreira has performed with Grammy winning Latin Jazz bassist, John Benitez, and has been compared to Mike Einziger (Incubus), Trey Anastasio (Phish), and Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead).

Ry Pilla (Drummer/Percussionist) began his professional career in Philadelphia with Princes of Babylon (Philadelphonic Records) touring nationally on stages including: The Electric Factory (Philadelphia), The Roxy (NYC and Boston), 9:30 Club (Washington DC), House of Blues (Boston and Atlantic City), and Lupo’s (Providence, RI). Pilla has shared the stage with other notable artists including Jack Johnson, Macy Gray, Burning Spear, Busta Rhymes, Galactic, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, The Wailers, Wyclef Jean, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Steel Pulse, Cypress Hill, Yellowman, Gavin DeGraw, Karl Denson, Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley. Pilla is known for his distinct soul-hop-reggae-blues style and versatility to groove on punk, rock, and funk. He also adds flavor with his signature beat-box and vocals which were featured in the SOBE national radio ad campaign of 1999-2000. He is currently endorsed by Phattie Drums and has recorded and performed with G. Love and Special Sauce, Brown Couch, Foundation Stone, gONNA gET gOT, Emily Brass, and theDoctor (with bassist Chuck Fay of State Radio).

The Last Broadcast have performed live at various venues in the NYC area. They raised money performing at NYU's Concert for Bangladesh (2008) and were featured on Fox 5's TV program, "Fearless Music" (2007). The Last Broadcast self-produced their newly released debut album, Not Yet Chaos. The 14 tracks showcase a range of eclectic styles from the hard hitting hits of "NYC" and "El Prez," to the jazz infused "Oil Slick," to the reggae soul of "Mary Jane," around the world with "Too Much," and back to its own roots with "Blah Blah." Tune in and take a listen.


El Prez

Written By: Loki Velez

Verse 1:

Good evening everyone, Como estas todo mi gente, you know me as Loki or otherwise el presidente / The reason I've addressed the fifty states with a cape, I see distress, there's some changes I feel it's my place to make / See these are things I severely hate, things no logical brain could ever possibly debate / Just take the game for instance, the shame is it's been tampered with and pampered, can someone tell me when we abandoned lyrical standard / My citizens, how 'bout some answers, how many of these gangster rappers that we follow after start off as dancers / And since the seperation line between hating a cat and just stating the facts has been erased, replace it intact / As I wrap up the first leg of the cession, emcees recieve a complimentary second to bounce or count blessings / Don't make a rush decision and slip in the dark trenches cuz you'll never see me coming like lovin' on park benches.


Good evening everyone, como estas todo mi gente, you know me as Loki or otherwise el presidente / The "L" is for the smokers, the "O" and "K" reverse for all approacher, the "I" is for surveilance on them vultures / Long Island made, hispanic descent, Brooklyn culture / The Puerto Rican voted most likely to engulf ya', "Loki" / Am I getting through to all you emcees, or am I talking to myself as I respectfully plead

Verse 2:

Shall we proceed, "expeditiously", this'll be quick, now by a show of L's which one of these smokers shoud quit / Should it be A, the rapist sitting at the bar with the chick / Or is it B, the chick he's with whose mom is watching her kids / Let's look at C, security who left his gloc at the crib, gotta be lit cuz now he's going to the car for the clip / And then there's D, Loki, commander and chief of the script, your time is gone, put your heiness and scream what you picked / If you said E, all the above except D, you're free from tax / All except the latest one I made on the wasting of wax / If everything that you're lacing is wack, what's the reason for even taking a cat for all his banginest tracks / Now that's wrong, you get no respect, no check / Already got the repossession on your Lex, no jet / Goodbye to lamping in the tropics, you're back in the projects and the object of this lesson is to rep your set, Good evening everyone


Walkin Me Home

Written By: Loki Velez

Verse 1:

Feelin' the breeze, I'm in the penthouse chillin at ease, I need a second to relax in the fast life, being at peace is something rare for a man like me / but still it isn't what it should be, couldn't we atleast be together for the night, I remember the words, I never heard such love and I never will again, get the ref' and let's fight to the death of the urge or till the birds fly north for the winter / Whichever comes first I'll be lost / If I give it a guess, then I'm willing to bet nine lives all for the winner if there's ever one, trust I'll be feeling the stress, nevertheless I'm here and the woman of my dreams is there / I moan without touch and reach through the air as I swear, if it wasn't the job, than I'd be in her arms, but I gotta be somewhere and all I hear is you


You, you should be walking me home, she said / You, you should be walking me on home instead / Well I'm alone and I'm sinkin', and I'm thinkin, and I'm going out my mind trying to find you, what am I to do

Verse 2:

Now it's suddenly hard, I got my mind on my job and I'm ducking the broad, I never wanted her to come into harms way, but A - I'm in an odd place, B - I'm a sucker for charm / But am I on point, I ain't at the ball for love, I'm on a mission and the villain is inside the room, my armjoint's huggin on my holster snug, and now I'm illin' cuz I'm feelin' like it's time to move / I see the boss by the door and the only way across is the dance floor, I can see honey cutting me off / So I boogie and electric slide as I glide and it's luckier for her than me, she never saw, and I was able to remain Loki / When the bad guy bounced I was under the car bugging the ride on the outside / But in my heart, I want to be at the bar, and you're wondering why I never try with you



Written By: Loki Velez

Verse 1
-Hey, you got me all wrong, I'm about to prove it to you but not before long, you're gonna have to wait
-Wait, you got to hold fast, anything you get for free, be for sure it won't last, got to learn to chill
-Chill, cuz this is real heat, rumblin' the grills, up and over the hills of the real street blues
-Blues we all got em' and the trick, not allowin' them to stick to the glues of your everyday, thoughts
-We ought to rise and, get alittle high, take a minute to fly and I'll provide that vibe

Yeah, you don't want to miss this, Uhuh, no, you don't want to miss this
Get your money and, get your tickets and, get your spot quick, cuz you don't want to miss this
No, this is something that you definitely want to witness, you don't want to miss this, no
So get your camera, take your pictures, and get your spot quick, you don't want to miss this

Verse 2
-"Hey, that's what they all say, how are we supposed to know it isn't just foreplay", I'm about to show
-Show, show me the wrong way, I'll show you a flow you never heard and I bet your gonna say "now that's new"
-New, that's just a city in the east, with a million police and a name so repetetive it fits
-Fits, the fits of rage from sitting in a cage, you should get em' on a page, maybe that'll get you by
-If not, rise and get alittle high, take a minute to fly and I'll provide that vibe

Repeat Chorus

Get Ya Handz Up

Written By: Loki

Chorus: Fellas, Ladies, Welcome, It’s getting crazy

There’s only one thing I need you to do

When I come around to you, Get your hands up, Get your hands up

Ladies, Fellas, May we, Get the hell up

There’s only one thing I need you to do

When I come around to you, Get your hands up

Verse 1:

And here we go, how you feel,c’mon, Now how your mamma been, aight,

Now let’s get to the reason I’m here tonight

I really needed to be in a session, it’s better than sex ya’ll, (and) I’m a lyrical freak with a pierced mic

You might see me and hip-hop sittin in a tree while I F.U.C.K. r&B

A bit over the top, my wallets apologizin to the F.C.C. ok, pardon me

I just wanted to play a little game, back to business, and if I ever wanted to say your name, then I would

And yeah I’ll probably make a bit of waves, that’s a given

But if I’m able to stay out of the game, then I’m good

See ya’ll enchiladas got cream, cheese, and lettuce and beef, you can keep it, it’s really not in my plan

It’s not that I don’t support my harsh fellow man, I just rather stay puffed like a marshmallow man


Verse 2:

Mach three, somebody, anybody stop me, I’m not even supposed to be on and I got the lead

So call a major label and tell em’ to rob me quick cuz in a minute I’ll be gone and beyond any arms reach

I’m bout to bungee on, page me at the finger lakes and by the time I get the beep I’ll be yawnin in Palm Beach

The seven second delay on the ringer’s all I need to hit the west and in a sec I’ll be mozyin’ on east

And all of me on beat, follow me, on three, I wanna see who knows the steps, Uno, Dos, Tres scream

I need you all to rep and if you don’t, I’ll hit you with more of that Puerto Rican judo I don’t know next scene

I’m ready to vent steam, show me a referee, and I bet the league will have me in penitentiary greens

Either that or I’ll be up to my neck in penalty fees, like I even get a check for you to thieve, please


Verse 3:

Now we’re running at the speed of light, keep it tight, I hope the club has given me a decent mic, let me know

If I jump in the crowd I don’t want you holdin me up if you don’t like my style

I glide on my pride, let me go, I’m nestle when it’s crunchtime,

Wouldn’t suggest a brother test me if it’s lunchtime, this papi will chew, forget me if you’re onetime

You want this arrest you got to catch me in the sunshine, and cop me a brew

Yeah I got me two of the biggest around, and my rhymes a really a sign of the pounds that I sit on the track

If the crowd’s really the livest around, I’m reciprocating the vibe in my sound and I’m givin it back

A regular Mr. ricochet, iller than wack, bigger than rap, rip it this-a-way, drill it in wax, and if it scratch

Let the mixer fade, give it a tap, deliver that, then you step away, this is a rap.


Not Yet Chaos

Set List

Typical set-list can go from 30 mins to 3 hours.