The Last Call

The Last Call


The Last Call is a four piece folk/rock ensemble from Asheville N.C. with the charm of the Avett Brothers, the stage presence of The Drop Kick Murpheys, and the songwriting stylization of The Band.


There is an unmistakable quality of goodness to the music that we write.
Our songs are designed to bring people forward to the stage, to drink, to dance, to smile, and to feel the better half of the human condition.
These are songs about love, loss, and perseverance, three feelings that we all can relate.
In truth, we became a band because we had to. This sentiment we share because this band, to us, is the only thing we see ourselves doing in life. The potential is far too great to let go unheard.
There is a place in everyone that makes them want to scream for happiness or anger, for defeat or salvation, either way, when you see us perform this is what you'll find.
There are no picket fences between us and our audience, our message is straight out, honest and simple.
We have come to dance, we have come to scream, and we have come for salvation.

The Last Call

"Asheville folk rockers play Smiley's"

By Matt Wake
Metromix July 23, 2009
Greenville S.C.

If The Shins got The Band pregnant it might sound like The Last Call. Think hummable folk rock with no artificial ingredients, sung by dudes with beards, in this case Markham. “We’re not really stuck in the vein of doing a rock format or folk format,” he says. “If you come out to see us, the set is more rounded. Metal roots that will kind of pull through from time-to-time.”

The Asheville quartet, which also features multi-instrumentalist Justin Lee, drummer Jonny Darko and bassist John Hamrick, recorded a five song EP “Best of Time” earlier this year. The title track is leafy, Zach Braff-ready indie. Markham says the band plans to record a full-length album, anywhere from 12 to 30 songs, in the near future. The singer says the album will be self-recorded and self-produced. “It’s hard to tell somebody else what you want when you’re recording. We want to go for a more raw sound, not so polished. We’re tight and together, but we’re kind of a rough band.”

"Truth is, everyone wants to make a living doing what they love, but if you're graced enough to do what you love while you live then you're doin pretty damn good."


"Best Of Times" EP

"Baby It's Gone" music video
(please check our myspace to view video)

Set List

Speak For Yourself
Can't Be Blamed
With You
Only You Know
Best Of Times
Lonesome Travelin' Man
The Long Goodbye
Leavin Tonight
That's Just How It Goes
The Sojourner
Baby It's Gone
Darlin' You're So Sweet
If I Don't Return
Singin Different Songs
Most Of Time
Let Yourself Breathe
Girl With The Pretty Blue Eyes
Beautiful When I Drink
Heaven Forbid
Think I'm gonna make it
Burn the barn down
Before I go


If I Give My Soul (Johnny Cash)
Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
Shame (The Avett Brothers)
On A Plain (Nirvana)
You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)
Sympathy for the devil (The Rolling Stones)
You aint goin nowhere (Bob Dylan)