The Last Castrato

The Last Castrato

 Denver, Colorado, USA

The Last Castrato is a two piece power house with a full energy live show that brings a new substance to the indie rock scene. With a mix of Deftones, Manchester Orchestra and Radiohead it is a listening experience unlike most.


The Last Castrato is the creation of Nathan Harms and Donny Lawson.
(Formally of Like Pianos Crashing) It is a dramatic, technically proficient, emotional, often weird and entertaining ride thru a musical landscape in which no one knows what will happen next. Mixing very different influences from both Nathan and Donny they have found a middle ground between heavy and soft, fast and slow and everything in-between. A two piece has never felt or sounded so big. Blaring guitars that echo off the walls are matched only by the powerful and flowing drums that pound away. The vocals are full of emotional highs and lows that change song by song to always keep the listener guessing on what will happen next. The duo’s debut album “At Butchers End” was recorded and produced by the band at their own studio. With 16 tracks the album takes you on a ride where you’re not sure what’s coming next. Filled with visually colorful lyrics the album works as a fictional story told through the medium of music. There is a profound feeling of a film playing its self out with each song that plays. As to characterize the band they have self labeled themselves “Burlesque Rock” Due to there over the top sound and charismatic high energy live show. Although as a basic concept to the sound they create the influences that spring to mind are Radiohead, Deftones, Placebo, (insert any of artists that have added music to the 11,000 songs on the bands I-pod and CD cases) They are a rock band with a flair for the unusual and the experimental side of music all while up keeping a form of pop sensibility and hooky melodies. They march to their own drum and do not go by the rules. Something new, something unique, something strange, something loud, something dramatic… Something beautiful.


At Butchers End. 2011