The Last Cosmonaut

The Last Cosmonaut

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

A blend of post and progressive rock that marries heavy rhythms and a dynamic punch with a vast, reverberating sonic landscape.


"The band is The Last Cosmonaut and the sound is like if Jesus started a band with Kurt Cobain and the guy who did the score for 2001: A Space Odyssey! ["Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss]"- Jorge E. Rodriguez

The Last Cosmonaut (formerly Deaf Children Playing) is far from just a name. It represents us on a spiritual level. Aware yet confused, we wander through life aimlessly hoping to solve the puzzle in hopes of finding ourselves. In this digressive society we’ve been born into, we look to each other in unspoken guidance, for that dangerous pride, for the void we fail to fill in our own lives. We create The Last Cosmonaut, an uncontrollable being of melodies, harmonies, and sounds. Our united goal is to provide an audio dimension for people to make their own: a haven, a place to gather freely. We all contribute an element to the formula. The rapid-fire beats, the crass then pleasant guitar harmonies, the waves of synthentic soundscapes, every member creates their layer, building a complete whole, only to gut it and reassemble into something new. We create the organism that is The Last Cosmonaut. Society provides sustenance for growth and the fuel for creativity.


"Seeds of the Fall" [EP] - 2010

New material coming in 2011. Now with vocals!