The Last Dark Show

The Last Dark Show

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Last Dark Show's alternative brand of hauntingly soft reverbs, dynamic rhythms, liquid guitars and a voice supplied by angels draws from the soul and speaks to the heart.


" A potential visionary rather than just another self-reflective tunesmith."
Jim Derogotis, Chicago Sun Times

Although failing to enlighten his parents with an hour-long a'capella recording at the age of ten, Troy Michael Petty has found, musically embedded in his soul, a reason to sing.

Three albums and many years later, Troy has justified his gift of song creating emotionally driven music that defends the human spirit.

Along with his drummer Jay Will and guitarist Kent VDK, Troy has carved a niche in the Chicago music scene as The Last Dark Show. Originally known as troy, The Last Dark Show evolves as a further distillation of the band's musical palette to an increasingly mature sound that comes from the soul and speaks to the heart.

Generally labeled Alternative/Indie/Rock/Pop, The Last Dark Show remains as honest as troy but transforms that honesty into an experience. The band's lyrical essence and eclectic sound take an avenue less traveled to get to the core emotion of a song. The band veers away from the softer sound of previous albums to a fleshier, raw tone showcasing their harder edge.

True Love Maze demonstrates how accomplished The Last Dark Show have become through songs that challenge the fear of unanswered questions and the acceptance of the unknown. The album explores different forms of true love. True Love Maze steps away from the intentionally minimalistic approach of the previous two albums to break the boundaries, giving every song what it deserves.

Chicagos The Last Dark Show had a busy 2011 releasing debut True Love Maze into American radio, filling hometown venues and signing deals with HBO, VH1, MTV and Discovery. 2012 shines in Austin for a Red Gorilla/SXSW showcase then frequent touring and beginning work on their 2nd album.



Written By: Troy Michael Petty

Here is to u my distant..
Here is the truth, my distant
Here come the words, my distant
Here comes the world, my distant

Now that I’ve finally found you
I’m gonna play it through

So here we are, my distant other
We’ve come so far , yet no where near each other
“It’s all just a matter of time”
you said, but that clock, I wanna shoot it down!

Now that I’ve finally found you
I’m gonna play it through

I’m not afraid to come down
in this violent heart of reckoning
cause I found out
I found out we belong

so here is to you, my certain one
the wrecking ball as big as our love will
crash the world of all our hurt(s)
and bring us down to earth to love

so now that I’ve finally found you
I’m gonna play it through.

Spare Room

Written By: Troy Michael Petty

On the moon is where I’d like
To find you sitting on a rock
Awaiting oxygen and a body to press against
As we’re floating still, along with the elements
But it’s just the moon I’m looking at
I’m stuck in this room alone thinking of you

My room with mediocre shade
Could let in or keep the daylight far away
Even if I could see the sun everyday
It would never measure up or make its way
Inside me like how it is
When you sit next to me
And feel what I feel
It could never feel more real

So if the sky falls
We’ll ride on top and watch it drop
And say “so long” to the nights
We’d watch the rain never stop

In this room alone
I think impossible thoughts
How can one feel so cold
When the sun shining through is hot
So I think, if you were in my spot
You could talk me out of leaving
Because it’s who you’re with
And not where you’re sitting
When the earth begins to drop
Away from all creation and lands upon
All we’ve ever been relying on

and when the sky falls
we’ll ride on top and smile when the rain drops
and look down on all we thought we lost
yet at last, we finally

Eleven Tears

Written By: Troy Michael Petty

I’d rather lie alone
Then make you feel like you’re owned
There are treasures inside your pillow
And a window that lays beside you

If it’s more than you can withstand
Then why aren’t you rolling away?
And why count all eleven tears
That I poured just holding you

I believe we belong
But to rescue a love
That wasn’t even here
I’m at fault
To never have known..

If you lay back
You may feel who fell before you
And grace is just one kiss away
So count back and withstand
All you’d be throwing away
And be the cup for all eleven tears
That I poured for just knowing you
I’d believe we’d belong
To rescue what has
Never even come from love
Before I had known you..

You are all I can’t break from..

Why are you rolling away?
Why are you all eleven tears
That I poured for holding you
I believe we still belong
But to rescue what was
Never even here
I’m at fault to never have known


Written By: Troy Michael Petty

This morning, I woke up
To the silence of waiting
My heart has come forth
To receive it’s breaking
For you I only
Hold what is deepest
In return, the “no” word
it makes it all seem senseless

Some people go unnoticed
When they focus on the past
So many things are stolen
When u ignore what you have

You came so fast
I could not prepare for
The thing that might have lasted
You just couldn’t wait for
Just remember trust
It is the most that we ache for
Just remember us
Remember what you asked for

I will not go unnoticed
When I find my way back
Maybe you’re too young to go
Down the path that’s been opened
I wish you the best things
If I never see your tracks
Don’t erase what I’ve laid down
If you want a way back.


Written By: Troy Michael Petty

Well i’m tired of hiding
and tired of living life lightly..
and if i am a man
i should know
that it’s time to grow..

and you gave me so much
you gave me so much
i should know..
yet, as long as i keep resenting you
i should go..
i need to reach out
break all the way out
cause life means so much
life means so much more...

i wanna live in love supersonic
a life without all the hurt..
i wanna sing myself on fire
and shoot right through the earth..!!!

i dreamed you’d reach down
and find the heart that stopped beating.. for u
cause our lives mean so much
mean so much more within the truth..
i dream you’ll reach down
find me out then pick me up...

u wanna live life supersonic?
supersonic?.. then love
on my love
alone with my love!.
and find me the rebound
bring me back
so you can tie me up, tie me up
so tight, we make a sound
and sew my heart again
sew our hearts together..
sew my heart again
so our hearts are together!!!..again..


2001 - "So The Past Shall Pass" - Full length
2003 - "Halloweenie 2003" - 6 song EP
2004/2005 - "gemini" - Double Full length Album
2005 - "I for One" single/music video (featured
in Independent Film "Black Days")
2006 - "The Halloween Album"
Streaming tracks:
"Eleven Tears"
"Below The Waist"
"On a lighter Note"

Radio Airplay:
"Below The Waist"
"Eleven Tears"
"Priceless Fool"

2010/10/10 - "True Love Maze"

Streaming tracks:
"Eleven Tears"
"Spare Room"

Set List

35min - 1 hour long sets.. NO COVERS

Recent typical set list:

Eleven Tears
Someday Fossil/Document
Fool's Rush