The Last Empress

The Last Empress

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My music is a breath of fresh air in a hip hop music industry that is producing the same stuff and losing sells daily.We perform Rap, R&B, and use African music as well as a Hip hop DJ.I have family friendly and urban club songs.Our shows are a full concert w/ dancers, musicians, and live vocalists.


It began on April 12th, 1977. Earth and fire combined with water and Gold was born. Gold is the last messenger of The Most High to touch the spirits of the young and the old through verse. After her there will be no more. Gold was born in Brooklyn, New York. By age two, her family had moved to Southeast Jamaica Queens, New York. This is where she grew. At age three Gold was enrolled in a dance school and by age fourteen she was rapping and writing her own lyrics. Upon maturing, Gold came up with the concept for a group of talented artist called, “The Light Tribe”. With this two female and two male member group Gold performed at many venues across the New York Metropolitan area. Some of the shows included, The Pulse Niteclub, an AIDS Awareness Festival in Harlem, Rio’s Supper Club, Le Bar Bat, an on the spot appearance at Wilson’s, and The Rochdale Village Fall festival. Now solo, Gold's purpose in the music industry is to change the face of hip hop by showing the upcoming generations that hip hop is more than sex, money, and weed. Gold wants the masses to realize that you can embrace every aspect of yourself - positive and negative - and still be righteous in deed and thoughts. The Empress is the next leader of the new school of hip hop. Some of Gold’s solo appearances have included Soca Paradise Club, The Afrikan Poetry theatre, Nell’s Niteclub, The Baggot Inn, The Bowery poetry Club, several shows at The Lion’s Den, White Wave’s John Ryan Theatre, and many other venues in New York. Her performances have been known to include live African dancers and drummers to open, even freestyles over the djembe drums to the pleasure of the crowd. With her production done by Nightshift Enterprises and long time friend, Omen, who has credits under his belt from working with the likes of Fabolous, Amil, Lil’ Kim, and Memphis Bleak, she can’t go wrong. His beats have been noted in XXL Magazine as ‘deep and gangsta’, (as commented about his track on Fabolous’ freshman album). This dynamic union of beats and flows will have your head nodding off the meter. Gold - No doubt, if the truth doesn’t awaken you to feel this hot, underground, MC, then maybe the drum call will. Stay open and keep your ear to the street for her first album called, “The Truth About Gold”. Gold is the industry’s best kept secret, but not for long.



Written By: Empress G

Look to the horizon, cause I'm definately risin' There is no undersizin' if you're one of the wise and - the - sky's no limit, if you live i the Spirit! There's no need to fear it, the time is now - I SWEAR IT!

(1st verse of Bliss - a song of inspiration)


Industry Overthrown and Goldey's Theme have been getting regular rotation on LIU's Campus Radio Station.
Songs available for streaming can be found at
Songs can also be heard on Janga Radio Online and downloaded for free at where whenever you download a song a donation goes towards my cause The Dafur Rehabilitation Fund. Also check me out on
I'm also on Facebook and Twitter - look me up!

Set List

I usually do a two to three song set in a showcase w/ others, which equals about 7-10 minutes. My full showcase would be 40 minutes to an hour.
For my regular sets in showcases that involve other talent I perform usually; Sehesu Matsimela, Industry Over Thrown, and Goldey's Theme.
My typical 1 hour set performance songs are:
Sehesu Matsimela (Preserve Our Roots)
Industry Over Thrown
Do You
When U R Near
Taboo (sexually explicit lyrics)
Irafanma (I Love You)
Without You
In Dreams
What A World
The Golden Era
Goldey's Theme
For shows that require family friendly lyrics only, I usually perform; Sehesu Matsimela, When U R Near, Bliss, Goldey's Theme, Do You, and What A World (with any curses removed for that venues event).
All performances are very flexible and can cater to the venue or festivals needs.