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The Last Envy

New Lenox, Illinois, United States

New Lenox, Illinois, United States
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"Music Corner - The Last Envy"

Music Corner
The Last Envy
by Ken Qualter
Every now and then you hear a band that gets your toe to tapping where you just can’t stop. A band that draws you irresistibly into their orbit. I recently saw such a band performing in Mokena. The Last Envy is a four-piece band from the South Suburbs. As guitarist/vocalist Rich Hoggren explains their reason d’etre is fun and getting people dancing. With that mission in mind,Hoggren teamed up with fellow Chasing Amy alumnus, bass player Joliet Dave Rodriguez. They were joined by Chris Moran (vocals and guitar) and Jake Harris (drums) from the band
Acoustically Challenged. Though the band was originally a five-piece with a female vocalist,they have evolved into a tight quartet.
Vocally, Hoggren and Moran have different styles which add to their diversity. But their voices blend quite nicely when harmonizing with each other. Both are solid guitar players. Joliet Dave and Harris combine to provide an insistent beat.
The repertoire of The Last Envy is heavy on material from the ‘90’s through the present for a very contemporary sound. They cover anyone from the Violent Femmes and Collective Soul to the Kings of Leon and Jason Mraz. But they are not afraid to dip back to the ‘80’s, or even the ‘70’s for a great song. They also cover the likes of Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, and the Black Crowes. This band has a very eclectic song list. The focus is on great songs and does it serve their
mission of getting people up and moving and having fun.
They are an interesting bunch of guys, as well. They range in age from 20-something to 40-something. Speaking with Rich and Chris, I was impressed with the fact that they are genuinely nice, down-to-earth, level-headed people who are quite serious, knowledgeable, and passionate about their music.
As a casual listener, ones attention often tends to drift when hearing unfamiliar music. It is familiar music that we respond the strongest to. And I must admit that is the way I often respond.
But even though I was not familiar with a lot of their music, I found myself drawn into what they were doing. Excellent songs performed well with enthusiasm works every time for me.
This is a relatively new band, barely together a year. They’re already tight, and they’re only going to get better.
The Last Envy will be performing next at Heroes West, 1530 Commerce Lane (Just off of I-80),
in Joliet, on 7/31. Be prepared to Rock. MusicCorner7-15.doc - Powered by Google Docs

- City News Hound (Chicago Newspaper)


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The Last Envy is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. When we sat down and talked about what we wanted this band to be it was a quick and unanimous decision. We want to come out and put on a solid rock show. Yes, we like to mess around a little and have fun, but we keep it professional and respect the music we are playing. We don't add the cheese and corny stuff that alot of bands do nowadays. We like to let the music speak for itself.

As far as our song list goes, we like to play songs that are popluar but not on the radio every 30 seconds. We play songs that are catchy, that are fun, that stand out in some way. We are suckers for the 90's one hit wonder bands, which go over very well with our crowds. And yes of course we do some of the usual crowd favorites that most bands do, but our set list is more eclectic than most, which a lot of clubs and bar owners like. Its not the same 40 songs that they hear week in and week out. In a night you may hear everything from Pink Floyd and Tom Petty to Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, and Spacehog (remember them? :))

We have only been together a short time, but each and every show gets better and better and more and more people are catching on to us.