The Last Gang

The Last Gang


If you're looking for something worth your while, The Last Gang will scratch that itch. With musical talent & looks to kill for, they've got "it." Though they have their hands dirty from thier punk rock roots, they still get every foot tappigng from all types of music lovers.


The Last Gang is a punk/rocksteady quartet that burst on the scene in 2004 with the velocity and destruction of a sawed off shotgun blast. Straight out of orange county; their sound has a hint of pop appeal while still maintaining its gritty punk rock roots. Lead by the sexy growl of Brenna Red’s vocals and guitar, The Last Gang will have you dancing one minute and swinging with the kid beside you, hands on throat, the next. Brenna’s powerhouse vocals can only be matched by her uncanny ability to write melodies that can only be described as $. Accompanying Brenna on lead guitar is Devin D, who’s raw guitar licks add a third dimension to the sound. On the bass guitar is Teddy Zuniga, who was born to melt faces. Backed by the dynamic drum beats of Garrett “The Clance” Clance, The Last Gang’s unique styles all come together to create some of the most relevant punk rock of our time. The Last Gang has recently completed their second EP “Red 27” which has been developing a lot of major label interest. The band is currently in the midst of conquering the local scene and they have dropped into fourth gear and set their sights for complete worldwide musical domination.



Written By: Brenna Red

Break the silence with a XX. Stop the violence with a XX. Shall we dance to a 45? I'm alive with my XX. I feel so alive with my XX. Watch you reel & writhe at the end of my lovely XX. Who's afraid with a XX. I'm a slave to a XX. Teeth on the barrel of a XX. I'm alive with my XX. I hate you cause you hate me. Braodcasted on th BBC. Shock 'N Roll Radio on LSD. 45 revolution spree.

Leave My My Freedom

Written By: Brenna Red

Viva la revolution. Leave me my freedom. There is no obligation to expel any passion. I need my freedom. There is no freedom. Leave me my fredom. It is not you, it's only me. It's so cliche but so were we. And I tend to fuck up everything I need. Especially when I am happy. Never said I wouldn't hurt. Never said I wouldn't cry. Never said I wouldn't bleed. Never thought I would've died.

Dressed In Red

Written By: Brenna Red

I'm dressed in white. You're draped in Red. These thoughts ring loud, playing in my head. Every night I see your face degenerate. Deteriorate. Anihilated. I love the taste. I love the hate. I feed, I rape off of every sin you learn to begin.


s/t - 2004
27 Red - 2006
Out Of Time - 2008
Old Skar & Upstarts Compilation - 2009

Set List

Ussual set list is 35 minutes, unless the demand is for more. Up to an hour.
Not The One
Leave Me My Freedom
The Original
Child Of The Concrete
The Alley-Man
Girls Girls
Oi! & Alleywas
Dressed In Red

Covers as of now include Thin White Line by The Avengers, Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks, Situations by Slaughter & The Dogs, People Who Died by Jim Carroll, & Rock 'N Roll High School by the Ramones.