The Last Kind

The Last Kind

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Half of the group is from the East and the other from the West coast, and since our inception have been considered old school professors with a new school sound. You ever wondered what happened to those Blazin Emcees you used to know? Dig what life would be like if the culture never faded ..


This multi-ethnic quintet has been putting it down since the 1990's, when masterminds Maja Clout and Derek Strong formed the group. The intention was simple, "Make the type of raw ass hip hop we love but can't buy"--- and that's just what they've been doing ever since. Prop and R-Diggy aka Mega Lawge joined the group in 1995, while Knowledge Creative was added in 2001 to solidify the line up.
Many credit the groups bi-coastal origin as one of the key ingredients to their sound. Maja Clout and Prop both hail from the Bronx, while Mega Lawge and Derek Strong come from L.A., Knowledge Creative hails from New Jersey. It is easy to see how the groups varied background may be a key ingredient to their style. The Last Kind is not only out to promote its revelations, but to spur a little revolution as well. A revolution of the mind, as opposed to one in the streets..


Revelations -Stray Records LP/CD
Like Datt -Stray Records 12"
Cloze up Shop -Stray Records 12"
Stray from the Pack -Stray Records (compilation)

Set List

We can curtail our perfomance to any length but we typically have a 15-20 minute show or a 30-45 minute show.