The Last Names

The Last Names


We're friends who came together in first year at McMaster. We have contrasting backgrounds and influences, but love improvising. Each member brings something unique to the table; our creative process is democratic. We play virtuosic, imaginative originals & jams. Our audience loves us, we love them.


This band is all about their live shows, and their shows are all about the moment - you'll never hear the same set twice. These musical oddities combine their instrumental prowess and respective influences to create an original sound that presses the boundaries of an ecclectic variety of genres. The Last Names draw from a broad repertoire of original songs and covers, but also focus on ephemeral improvised creations that delve into a different universe altogether. Get in on this grassroots band and catch an unforgettable event every time, and stay tuned upcoming tour dates.

The Last Names is an open process. Sam and Will met in Toronto in 2005. They jammed beautiful music in Will's basement that never made it out the front door. They laid the foundations for songs to come, but didn't even know it at the time. During Sam's first year at McMaster he met Marc randomly at a party across the street from his house. They grooved on songs that were heard by very few and created some riffs that would later grow into some of their more complex compositions. Will, Sam and Marc first played together in 2005 at 87 Newton Ave... they would eventually become The Last Names.


Live in Hess (2009)
High Klass Promo LP (2009)

Set List

Sample Set:
Skpom One - Ophelia - Cracked Rib Day - Chop Soo - Funky Bus - Space Lounge - Ghostwriter - Wrapped Up - Heart of Glass (About 45-60 minutes).

All HKP sets involve creative group improvisations which use technology, like looping and delay, to expand on what is typically possible in a 3 piece band.

Skpom One - Chop Soo - Green Blue and Black - How to Grow - Cracked Rib Day - Wrapped up - Space Lounge - Whalein Really - Agua - Hornets Nest - Funky as Hell - All My Friends - Mid Jam - Delirious - Walk Down.

First Tube - Atlas - Famine - Scarlet Begonias - Ophelia - Heart of Glass - Ghostwriter - Boogie on Reggae Woman - Roses Are Free - Badfish - Po Black Maddie - Thank You - Soldier's Poem - One More Day - No More Memory - Legalize It - NICU - Saw Red.