Days of Radio

Days of Radio

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

We are a Midwestern Powerpop band, period. We wear our influences (From the Beatles and the Beach Boys to Jellyfish and XTC) on our sleeves, but mix them to create our own brand of melodic, hook-laden, feel-good rock.


In the summer of 2006, the picture looked dim for popular music and its fans. The prevalence of metal and hip-hop meant that fewer melodies were being heard. Many of the songs containing melody and harmony were being written by jaded professional writers-for-hire, polished by producers and pushed on listeners like overly sweetened cough medicine. So what do you do? Start a band. The Last Pop Band began when three friends gathered together over drinks to discuss mission, strategy, and personnel. The first part was easy; the band would simply draw on their influences (from the Beach Boys and the Beatles to Jellyfish and XTC) and their experiences in former bands (19 Wheels, Jawbone and The Beat Poets) to create the music that was dear to them. Next, they decided that their strategy was to play only the shows they want to play, make the records they want to make, and not worry about the money or the current trends of the industry. The third part was the challenge. They already had the basics covered: Dave Marean on guitar and lead vocals; Rob Dickey on drums and backing vocals; and Joe Lebioda on bass and backing vocals. While the band consisted of well rounded musicians, the demanding vocal and musical arrangements made it apparent that they required a fourth member. In the Fall of 2007, after almost a year-long search and the seemingly impossible task of finding a guitar player who would keep residence in West Michigan, the band added the talents of guitarist/vocalist Scott Owens. From the moment that Tom plugged in, they knew that they had found their missing link. For the short term, The Last Pop Band is refining its live show and working out new material. Armed with a distinctive mix of smashing musicianship, superb vocals and outstanding original songs, they are compiling an exciting collection of unabashed pop gems to be included on a full-length independent release. Until then…… see you at the front of the stage.



Written By: Dave Marean

What do you think about the rise in your face/ You feel the remnants of a man/ And maybe wonder where you've been all the time/ Now and then it's like a crack in the spine/ Keep a look out for the newest craze/ You're in the shadow of it all/ A revolution of the personal kind/ Overthrow the king and march with his pride on the Fourth of July/ Chorus: And do you feel (your mother tried to keep you away but you're big enough to join the brigade)/ As if it's real (you think you're just a cut-out from a picture album, paste on this calamity)/ A double dare can bring you everything/ Or set you back another space/ I know it feels the best to run with the crowd/ Decorated in American style- what it's all about/ Chorus/ Out from this world/ There comes a cautionary tale/ It's never been bigger than this/ Out from this world/ Anyway now, it's safe to say it's better than nothing at all/ You think you're just a matter of fact/ But I know you know you're better than that/ You think you're just a cut-out from a picture album/ Paste on this calamity/ Chorus/ Think about the situation you've been living

10,000 Nightlights

Written By: Dave Marean

Walk a mile wearing my shoes/ Take a stroll and search the grounds/ Give a try sporting my blues/ Colors can leave without sound/ I had a dream I was dreaming/ Breathing you in but bleeding you out/ Come June I was tossing, turning and walking back the other way/ Chorus: 10,000 nightlights brighten up this place/ All tied up and tangled/ Never saw it come your way and now you're feeling ordinary/ There's life all around you/ You hang around with the old crowd/ Do your friends ever ask about me/ I take time out to realize/ Knowing this town can turn on a dime/ Chorus (Feels like Novacaine)/ By the way there'll come a day when you and I will all be happy Nothing can be learned/ whenever life's concerned/ It's only clear when you notice you've gone numb/ Knock on philosophy/ Try your hand at altered reality/ Pay your bills and you drift away/ Chorus/ I won't forget you/ In the end I won't regret you/ And when I say "I'm glad I met you"/ In the end I've got to leave without you

The Episode

Written By: David Marean

Down and out straight from the gate/You were so far gone, you couldn't get up/Turn on the T.V., life is a show/Come out of the darkness and in to the know/Just let me know what you've been thinking from the moment you turned it on/Look around, you're caught up in the thick of it/ So unimpressed, suddenly you're sick of it/But don't you throw it a bone/ Tell me it all works out the same/What happens next, it lives in infamy/Chorus: Nothing gets in your way/I put aside what I need 'cause it's good for you/Nothing gets in your way again/Immortalized in the episode/All and all it's just another kick in the sidewall symphony of reality/Hits home right in the pocket/You never know 'til you try it then you knock it/Right or wrong or wrong or right,there's nothing I can say/What happens next is not a mystery/Chorus/You got a reason to live (your way)/Eager to fly, now you've got to spread your wings/Ready to give it another try/Never seen it before like this, so be mindful of what you came from/What sparkles now is not the silver lining/Don't need a shooting star to wish this happy ending/And what happens next, it lives in infamy/Not a mystery/Chorus


EP "Keep It Down" released May 2008

Track list: 1)Touch Down, 2)Keep It Down, 3)Feel, 4)Long Side, 5)Suicidal Supermodels, 6)10,000 Nightlights

Set List

1. Nothing
2. Longside
3. Touch Down
4. Feel
5. Suicidal Supermodels
6. 10,000 Nightlights
7. Virginia's Skies
8. Keep it Down
9. The Episode
10. Bright Side
11. Jet
12. Firefly

12 tunes, 45-60 minute sets/shows. We only do 1 cover per set, currently "Got You (Where I Want You)" by the Flys.