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The Last Relapse

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Rock New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Last Relapse"

The Last Relapse recently played there last show for a few months while they write and record new material.... - Beatlanta

"Band of the Month May/June The Last Relapse"

Getting To Know The Last Relapse Lead Singer (David Holding)
Birthday = May 26,1989

Describe Yourself In 10 Words = Thoughtful, Contemplative, Quiet, Stressed, Friendly, Party, Productive, Is Himself

David doesn't fit a certain mold "Just Totally Himself"

Favorite Bands:

1. Deerhunter

2. The Format

3. Band Of Horses

4. Modest Mouse

5. The Black Lips

6. Kevin Devine

7. The Beatles

8. Radiohead

This Or That (David Holding Lead Singer Of The Last Relapse)
1. Bass, Electric, or Acoustic Guitar = Electric Guitar

2. Tour Bus or Van = Bus

3. Major or Independent Record Label = Independent right now but major one day if the right one comes along

4. City or Country = City

5. Big Stadium or Club Venue Setting = Big Stadium

6. Myspace Fame or Mega Star Fame = Mega Star Fame, Myspace fame is good for starting out

7. MTV, VH1, or Fuse TV = Fuse TV

8. Emo Rock or Indie Rock = Indie Rock

David Holding (The Last Relapse Lead Singer) Random 8 Songs From Ipod
1. Bright Eyes - Padriac My Prince

2. Deerhunter - Spring Hall Concert

3. Smithwesterns - Girl In Love

4. Black Lips - I Saw A Ghost

5. Deerhunter - Calvary Sears

6. Girls - Laura

7. Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader

8. Kevin Devine - Cotton Crush

The Last Relapse - Laura SC Promotions

"The Last Relapse"

The Last Relapse started with just David Holding as a solo act in 2006 and has gone through several lineup changes since then.justin canada (drums/vocals) Ben Barlament (guitar/vocals), michael Emary (bass). They have had had the opportunity to play many shows around Atlanta with bands such as PlayRadioPlay!, Backseat Goodbye, A Love Like PI, Treaty of Paris, Owen Pye, Liam and Me, Sent by Ravens, and The Humms. They have a pretty different Indie Rock sound and play a loud atmospheric show. They have just released their first full length CD and it's now available on itunes. - Portland Show-Guide

"If the 90's Must Come Back, Let it Be The Last Relapse"

Here's a little Props Post about a band out of Alpharetta, Georgia. The Last Relapse is working on there first LP but sent me their demo. It reminds me of the 90s, but in a good way. The band consists of David Holding (guitar, vocals), Justin Canada (drums, vocals), Ben Barlament (guitar, vocals), & Michael Buckner (bass).
Sleep is an atmospheric track that rocks you to sleep into some kind of extraordinary dream, like inter-demential or space travel. It ends w/ these sort of Deerhunter like vocals & lets you down easy. Speak Before You Think picks you back up w/ a much more pop feel w/ a Bright Eyes-like vocal pattern. Simple drums & guitars are held together w/ friendly bass, encouraging a sing a long. It's probably my least favorite track, but I imagine it's positive message will be well received. Machine is dramatic & self loathing, & this is where The Last Relapse really shines for me. It makes me want to write about how much I hate myself, yell about everything wrong w/ the world, & pound the floor--it's so full of 90s angst. I don't, the world's not so bad, & the floor has always been there for me, but it gets you, it pulls you in, it's quite enjoyable. The bridge is especially nice & well crafted.
The quality of the recordings is low, but a well produced LP is something I look forward too. Their next show is 21 October @ Caledonia Lounge in Athens, Georgia. Check out their MySpace page for shows & music. - Push 2 Stops

"The Last Relapse "Machine""

The Last Relapse play measured, jarring, genre-defying music that resonates and vibrates with weird energy that makes you want this relapse to last. - Roctober Reviews

"The Last Relapse Band by Martha Rose Woodward"

The Last Relapse band from Atlanta, Georgia will be in Knoxville on September 4, 2011 to perform during the Boomsday Celebration. They performed in Knoxville last December 16 and were well received.

The band describes themselves as “ Indie/Rock band.” They say their music is “sing along lyric driven ambient rock.” They released their first CD entitled “Machine” in July 2011.

Members of the group include founder, David Holding- Vocals/Guitar, Justin Canada- Drums, Michael Emory- Bass, Ben Barlament-Lead Guitar. They are managed by Lyn Zingale.

Holding says he began as a solo act in 2006 and has gone through various lineup changes before settling on the members now in the group. Since they are based in Atlanta, they have played shows with bands such as PlayRadioPlay, Backseat Goodbye, A Love Like PI, Treaty of Paris, Owen Pye, and Liam and Me. Their sound is definitely more towards the Hard Rock than Classic Rock. You can hear definite influences from Kirk Cobain in their lyrics and the way they use their instruments.

When they are not traveling throughout the South doing gigs, they spend their “down time” writing, recording, and practicing. They have stayed busy playing shows around Georgia, in South Carolina and Tennessee beginning at the end of 2008.

They have been described as having an “Indie Rock sound that provides a loud atmospheric show with a lot of reverb and delay and guitar noises.” They are influenced by Deerhunter, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Atlas Sound, The Beatles, Radiohead, Animal Collective, Dead Confederate, Of Montreal and many more.

According to Wikipedia, “Indie rock, derived from “independent”, describes the small and relatively low budget labels on which music is released and the do-it-yourself attitude of the bands and artists involved. Indie bands have attempted to retain their autonomy, leaving them free to explore sounds, emotions and subjects often seen as remorseful. The influences and styles of the artists has been extremely diverse, including punk, psychedelic, rock and country.

Linked by strong feelings of sorrow and pain more than a musical approach, the Indie rock movement encompasses a wide range of styles, from hard-edged, grunge-influenced bands through do-it-yourself experimental bands, to punk-folk singers.

Indie rock has been identified as a reaction against the “macho” culture that developed in alternative rock in the aftermath of Nirvana’s success. It has been noted that Indie rock has a relatively high proportion of female artists compared with preceding rock genres“

Indie rock is said by Allmusic, a popular blog, to “…include a number of styles that are: “too sensitive and melancholy; too soft and delicate; too dreamy and hypnotic; too personal and intimately revealing in its lyrics; too low-fidelity and low-budget in its production; too angular in its melodies and riffs; too raw, skronky and abrasive, and too influenced by experimental or otherwise unpopular musical styles.

Holding says you can find out more about the band on their web site at
and he hopes you will “friend” the band on Facebook and Twitter. He expects to see a large crowd at Boomsday, September 4 and is looking forward to a great concert. - The Knoxville Journal

"The Last Relapse"

The Last Relapse is a band hailing from Atlanta, GA. They are in the midst of a Southeastern tour and making a stop in Columbia. They are an indie rock with an etheral, dream pop sound….I dunno maybe if Modest Mouse smoked a bunch of opium it would sound similar? - Columbia City Paper


12 track CD "Machine" Released 7/23/10



The Last Relapse is a band hailing from Atlanta, GA. Started in 2006 by Vocalist/Guitarist David Holding, their sound consisted of acoustic guitars, catchy vocal melodies, and a tambourine. Around the time their drummer Justin Canada joined the band in 2007 the music began its evolution into something much more complex, obscure, and different. The band has gone through many lineup changes before getting to the solid one they have today with guitarist Ben Barlament joining in 2009, bassist Michael Emory in 2010, and guitarist Adam Freeman joining in 2011. They released their first full length CD "Machine" in July of 2010. You could describe the music as lyric driven Ambient/Rock with heavenly vocal and guitar effects and busy complementary bass lines held together by clever complicated drum beats. Columbia City Paper described their music this way: "Indie Rock with an ethereal, dream pop sound. Maybe if Modest Mouse smoked a bunch of opium it would sound similar?" Other major media outlets including, Atlanta Music Guide, and around a dozen radio stations have played and shared their music. They have played over 100 shows in GA, TN, and SC. Currently they are working on a CD of 17 unreleased songs written from 2006-2008, and a CD of all new material. Both will be released in 2012!