The Last Relapse

The Last Relapse

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandRockNew Age

The 5+ year old band made up of Atlanta natives play many different styles of music. The songwriting is obscure and different with well thought out lyrics and wordplay. The frequent usage of ear candy-like effects, catchy chord structures, and a very solid rhythm section leaves people craving more!


The Last Relapse is a band hailing from Atlanta, GA. Started in 2006 by Vocalist/Guitarist David Holding, their sound consisted of acoustic guitars, catchy vocal melodies, and a tambourine. Around the time their drummer Justin Canada joined the band in 2007 the music began its evolution into something much more complex, obscure, and different. The band has gone through many lineup changes before getting to the solid one they have today with guitarist Ben Barlament joining in 2009, bassist Michael Emory in 2010, and guitarist Adam Freeman joining in 2011. They released their first full length CD "Machine" in July of 2010. You could describe the music as lyric driven Ambient/Rock with heavenly vocal and guitar effects and busy complementary bass lines held together by clever complicated drum beats. Columbia City Paper described their music this way: "Indie Rock with an ethereal, dream pop sound. Maybe if Modest Mouse smoked a bunch of opium it would sound similar?" Other major media outlets including, Atlanta Music Guide, and around a dozen radio stations have played and shared their music. They have played over 100 shows in GA, TN, and SC. Currently they are working on a CD of 17 unreleased songs written from 2006-2008, and a CD of all new material. Both will be released in 2012!


12 track CD "Machine" Released 7/23/10

Set List

We'll play as long as you need us to. We've got 25-30 originals down and about a dozen covers in the bullpen.