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"The Last Slice - a band you dont wanna miss"

I love my job. Really. I do. The concept of “discovering” new talent is somewhat exciting in itself. But, when I actually “discover” new talent is when it gets fun. I love being shocked. I love being impressed. Especially, when the band/musician is not even trying to impress me.

It’s like a new romance where you get swept off your feet, or when your heart gets stolen. It’s like buying that new sports car and actually getting to drive it. It’s opening that birthday or Christmas present and it’s exactly what you’ve been wanting. Get the picture?

Another local band has done just that for me. Not that I have lost any interest in my other fav bands, but I’ve simply added one more to the list. I first saw The Last Slice (from Claremore) at a concert where they were opening for The Toasters, a ska band from the 80's. I didn’t know that I liked ska until I heard them play. In fact, I liked them better than The Toasters who were the headliners. And from what others said as well, they stole the show.

The energy was there for EVERY song they performed. (I think it was 8 or 9 songs!). Their stage presence was incomparable. They were fun. They were spontaneous. They were captivating. They owned the stage AND their fans. As I was doing the live webcast, I caught myself smiling the whole time they were on stage. I was hooked.

Don’t just take my word for it. You have to check them out for yourself. But be warned: your feet may move, your body may bounce, and your head start bobbing when you hear them. I guarantee that you will smile too! In the midst of all the hard rock in the indie music world, The Last Slice’s ska music is like drinking fresh lemonade in the summer.

Well this band, The Last Slice, has been playing right at a year. But, band members have been playing together longer. Ethan and Caleb have been playing together for 5 years now and Thomas has been with them going on 4 years. Jason has been playing with them for 3 years and then Dave and Nick joined about 3 or 4 months ago.

The Last Slice will be on JukeZoo’s FREE LIVE WEBCAST on Nov 28. We hope to broadcast them again before they go on tour in January.


Just a 4 song demo from this year. We are working on our first full length CD which should be released late this year.



Hailing from Claremore, Oklahoma, The Last Slice is a 2 tone/3rd wave ska band started in 8th grade by Ethan Nickels and Caleb Cook. They were later joined by Ethan’s older brother Donny and friend Jason ward. Seeing the same old tired thing in the Tulsa music scene, they set out to do something different. After various style, member and name changes, The Last Slice was formed.

Staying true to the ska genre, The Last Slice has proved to be a power house of change and originality in the Tulsa music scene. Playing direct support for international ska legends The Toasters and The English Beat, The Last Slice is already turning heads in the ska nation. “Our lack of talent humbles us and our love of cheap humor and fast food distracts us” is one of the band mottos.

Two of the most recent additions to the band are
Nick Messer and David Lackey. Nick, who recently moved to Tulsa from Ohio, plays bass and brings song writing and multiple band, genre and style experience to the band. David, who plays trombone, is from Tulsa but had lived on the east and west coasts. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, music legend Eldon Shambin, David has been in numerous touring bands, including The Know How, from Gainesville, Florida. He has also had the honor or sharing the state with band such as Less Than Jake, The Toasters, Mustard Plug, The Planet Smashers, No Doubt and many others. In 2005 he recorded with legendary punk guitarist Tim Armstrong. David brings leadership and extensive knowledge on the inner workings of the music industry to the band.

Having 5 years of catchy, upbeat and energetic songs crammed into several notebooks, The Last Slice is a band that will sure to be around for years and years to come.