The Late Fees

The Late Fees


The best of both worlds! 50's doo-wop and 1977 Ramones-like punk. 3 guitars + 6 voices= Rock N' Roll Heaven.


The Late Fees started as a side project to Neil Kaiser and Rich Restaino's more serious singer/songwriter adventures. It was an oppurtunity to embrace the music of their youths and have an outlet that was both humorus and aggressive, a large departure from their more folky material. The initial recordings were so well received that a band was formed with 7 members. The Late Fees live shows have been causing a minor sensation in Austin, TX. It is equal parts concert, revue, and stage show. Neil (aka Zimmy T.) has the presence of the classic rock n' roll frontmen such as Joey Ramone and Tiny Tim. Rich (aka McKnuckles) directs the band and is generally the yang to T.'s yin.

Set List

Elvis on Sun
Can I Take Your Medicine
Stevie's Gone
Teenager in Love (Dion)
Don't Break The Seal When You're Drinking
Everyday (Buddy Holly)
Into Me
The Devil's Music
Sorry I Said I Love You While We Were F*cking