The Late Great Russian Revolution

The Late Great Russian Revolution

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WE ARE DIFFERENT. A 2 piece instrumental band no vocals.1 electric guitar and 1 drums. Unbelievable live. Highly charged original pieces ranging from 2 min to 10 min. Compositions are an interface between fluctuating waves of energy and melody. Music has punk roots with jazz undertones ie free form.


2 guys with interests in a broad range of music. Music is written quintessentially for the best possible live outcome. Musical influences range from Sonic Youth to Dirty Three To Robert Johnson to Miles Davis to John Coltrane to Hella to Tom Waits to anything genuinly individual and honest. Compositions are about colour, shade, movement, waves, energy and every human emotion we can deliver through the 2 instruments. NO ONE plays live the way we do. The Zoo is Brisbane, QLDs most famous alternative music venue. TLGRR played a Wednesday Demo music night there recently and the management said we were one of the best they ever had seen. Hi praise humbly accepted from some of the true exponents of contemporary music in the world.


Afterlife care

Written By: Michael Jarousek

Im half Catholic and Im twice bird,
The clever kind convert never to be heard,
In the blackened corner there's an elevator there,
And a growing line of people sporting nervous stares,
Reciting propositions cause there too tight to pay a fare,
I been sitting here in spite of all the after life care.

Been coming here all afternoon blue rollers shape their hair,
"Hey where,s your punched ticket you pathetic guileless square,"
Deadly nightshade aspirants morphing through the walls,
Many whom fall so short its implasible they fall,
Others missing half their head cause their acutly tall,
My daddy said dont enter rooms with ceiling fans if your very tall.

"Oh prolific all protecting kindest leader of them all - look here I've lots of money so I deserve a higher stall,"
I'm not one to idolotries luck of a wishing well,
But their all jumping cue to punch the GOINGUP bell,
But to me the shit floats to heaven and the fun goes to h-e-e-e-e-ll.

You see I'm half catholic and I'm twice bird,
And theres nothing I hate more than you pretentious little turds,
My friends are always pure and our love is aways bare,
Lifes great certainty lives in a childs teddy bear,
I've been watching chariots sailing smoothly through the air,
And I've been sitting here in spite of all the afterlife care.


DroneDreams LP 53 Mins. On My Space. Airplay on 4ZZZ Brisbane Independent Radio.

Set List

Set lists are geared towards stage size and venue. Performances are set out in terms of tempo, mood, crowd type etc. Can play 2 hrs.