The Lattimore Circuit

The Lattimore Circuit


We are very high energy, fun, and love to get the crowd involved. The music is somewhat pop, but with that little bit of TLC that makes it our own.


The Lattimore Circuit is a very new and very energetic band with members based in Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas. All four of the members (Bodie Agada, Steven Kongs, Garrett McGraw, and Adam Pfeifer) are full time college students at their respective universities, but share a passion for music that is very prevalent to those around them.
The band was formed in June of 2008, but from the beginning it was clear that things with this group were going to move fast. Their first acoustic album, “My Life, The Movie” was written and recorded in 5 weeks, and almost immediately the group started playing house parties, bonfires, and other small shows for their friends and fans.
Recently, the group decided that it was time to go after a larger market and switch to an electric set. In the few weeks since, they have been writing new songs as well as converting their singles from “My Life, The Movie” in preparation for a change that is sure to make them even more likeable among their peers. This is due, in large part, to the group’s ability to play their own singles as well as hit singles and former hits. Their performances are professional, yet lighthearted enough to make everyone in the crowd feel at home.
The Lattimore Circuit is excited for their future, and is working hard on a day-to-day basis to achieve their goals. Whether they are writing new songs, passing out flyers, directing people to their website, booking shows, seeking endorsements, or meeting with industry professionals, the group is wholly focused on writing great music, and getting that music to as many people as possible.
For more information on The Lattimore Circuit please visit If you wish to contact the band for booking, promotion, or if you have any other question please call Garrett (785)-215-2383, or Adam (785)-215-5950.


"My Life, The Movie"- Acoustic LP of 11 songs
A new album is being written now.

Set List

We normally play for around 30-45 minutes. When we get the next album done we will be able to play for just shy of an hour if need be. We do not play covers, except at our hometown shows for our friends, but if we do play covers, they are usually rap or top singles at the time.