The Laughing Man

The Laughing Man


“Hey, What're you doing tonight?” “I’m going to see The Laughing Man,” Joe MusicEnthusiast replies. “Sweet, Who’s that?” Joe answers, “Lets just say they’ll melt your face… but with a sweet, sweet tinge of pop-sensibility.”


It remains a mystery just how the varied musical backgrounds of The Laughing Man came together, but the truth is they’ve done it – that and a whole lot more. These guys, college friends consisting of republicans and democrats, yankees and southerners, with influences ranging from Woody Guthrie to Led Zeppelin, fuse seamlessly, entertaining any audience, any demographic. The band agrees on music and evidently, that’s all that matters. Crafting a genre unique and versatile, The Laughing Man honors their mentors by reestablishing the musical philosophies that fueled them-– a band is a coherent unit, emotion fuels creative conception, and the live show is central to a band’s success, absolution defying a world full of critics.

The band members’ differences, combined, are actually their greatest strength – and they are the first to admit it. Building on this, songs are arranged in an open forum of sorts where the four members have an equal say and every idea is considered. The result? A sound at once arresting and alive, a breath of fresh air in today’s over-produced and acquiesced music scene.

A night with The Laughing Man will surely be memorable to any and all attending – the band will settle for nothing less. The artists, with roots in folk, rock, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, fusion and funk, believe in balance, and balancing influence and progression. Their sound – often hinting at fans’ favorite artists mixed with maybe an old forgotten favorite – demands attention. Undeniably intriguing and a surprise every time, in keeping with tradition, the experience of The Laughing Man is far from traditional.

Steve, Kyle, Ian, and Chris attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where they met in 2005. They were friends before band-mates and The Laughing Man emerged as an evolving project all four seemed to agree upon. They look forward to spending an evening with you.

Influences include: Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Paul Simon, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, and a plethora of bluegrass, jazz, and blues.

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Everyday Train

Written By: Canfield/Crace

Just when I thought that love was vain
she stepped onto the train
A fallen powerline on the vein
she gave a shock I can't explain
Sitting down there just beside
I said hello and she replied
and as the train began to ride
I got trapped inside her eyes
Distracted we both missed our stops
so at Harvard we got off,
shared a laugh and chose to walk
Both of us bound for central square
we walked ten blocks and didn't care
on a welcome tangent to an adept affair

A tale I couldn't have foreseen,
escorted by the lonely Boston rain
was born on what I thought was an everyday ride on an everyday train

We spoke the way that people do with fumbling words when lust is new
Still neither one blindly pursued
we mixed our lies with subtle truths
In streetlight glow she seemed refined
a silhouette frozen in time
The harbor fog showed me a sign
Her full damp lips would soon be mine
Distracted we shrugged off our plans
Our dates would have to understand
The moment held the upper hand
We grabbed a cab towards Backbay,
there was my home and we would stay
'til that August night became the day


New England's chilly winds will blow
through random love and certain snow
I'll just sit back and wheeze it in
Warming her skin with thawing eyes
I watched the pale sunrise
hoping she'd stay 'til winter's end

Last Glass Standing

Written By: Canfield/Crace

He looked at me across the barroom
and I gave back a glance of stone
That boy must’ve come unraveled
to think that I traveled alone
That’s when I reached for my companion,
a colt 45 finished in chrome
If there was anything I knew then,
it was that that boy wasn’t going home

Each days a constant give and take
thats lines are blurred by your mistakes
You can walk to your goodbye or sit and wait
We all have that choice to make

His eyes spoke a phrase that chilled me,
mine shot back a fiery round
That smoky barroom trapped in silence
would soon set off a fateful sound
My pistol drawn and his in waiting
I raised it up as if to say
that it was I that would be leaving
and he was surely damned to stay


But alas that boy surprised me
I heard only one shot but there were three
the last two were fired when I had fallen
a pool of blood surrounding me
I always knew that I’d die someday
well my clock finally broke down
His glass of whiskeys on the table
mine lies broken on the ground

Each days a constant give and take
that’s lines are blurred by your mistakes
I just thank god I lived my life awake
that’s the choice I chose to make

One by One

Written By: Canfield/Hurlbut

I left Chicago for Atlanta
and I left Georgia for Santa Fe
seeking out a home I haven’t found yet
just trying to recreate my daddy’s paycheck
debt runs up behind me, gaining more and more each day
the hourglass just broke in half, sand conceals the beaten path
I can’t move past, alas I’ve gone astray

my bed was Gettysburg this morning
and daylight held a shotgun on my brain
my job’s a thankless source of countless coffee cups
but I’ll do whatever I have to to make a buck
A stiff necktie and overtime, a suit of wilted grey
I’ve got the spoiled sands of time sifting in my stinging eyes
and I’ll go blind if I don’t find my way

I traded in a single stoplight for a twenty dollar bill
and a modest loft apartment on the corner of 19th and deville
rent check bouncing off my window sill
problems weren’t a problem when I packed my things to leave
I held the wide-eyed grin of a child on Christmas eve
and gilded city streets would be my gift under the tree

Days like these and times like those go tumbling down the stairs you know
as children grow and throw their hopes away

I remember all those stories when my mom would tuck me in
one by one by one by one I watched those stories end
I may not have lost faith in the dreams that could have been
if I knew now what I knew then

Days like these and times like those go tumbling down the stairs you know
as children grow and throw their hopes away
as children grow and throw their hopes away


The Laughing Man EP- 2006

Set List

The Laughing Man has an extensive catalog complete with an album's worth of originals and a multitude of covers in varying musical styles.

Covered Artists: Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and a variety of others.