James Wallace

James Wallace


Our music is simple folk songs about things that have or haven't happened yet. Then we play them loudly on a pshycedelic-rock landscape.

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Daylight Brigade
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Liza Says

Written By: Joseph James Wallace


Well Liza don't yet know she's on her way
She won't listen to the words her elders say,
"Liza go and play but don't forget your feet onto this earth must stay."

Each day Liza goes out to climb
and each day she finds herself higher and high
and when she gets to the sky
for a short time Liza will be satisfied.
But Liza's never really satisfied
and it plagues at her mind
why she has to come home again.

Cause I’m tired of astonishing the weeping willow tree,
and suffocating under it’s tear-soaked pillow, she
would have said.

Except Liza don’t yet know how to describe
So half the things she feels, she pushes them aside,
And oh liza lies, when the elders try to pry open her mind

Yeah, when the elders try to pry open her mind,
she knows it’s not right, but does it mean that Liza’s wrong?

To think that she can simply fly away
and find herself a brand new place to play
at the end of everyday
with the words she knows she bends her head and prays.

“God, I don’t want to have to hurt my body
but I’m gonna, if it will make you think
a bit more like the person that I swore I laid my life down to.
Cause I’ve climbed to the tallest tree out there and I
still wanna get high
and I’ll split my head open, just to try.

Liza open the door and let mother hold you
You won’t want to climb no more. Open the door
or I’ll knock till my fingers bleed all over this linoleum floor.
Open the door, open the door, mother is waiting.

But her mother could not lose her vacant stare,
as she overheard her daughter’s nightly prayer
tears rolled down, she cried.
Knowing that her daughter’s only five.
Knowing that her daughter’s only five.
But she turned her head and she did not walk inside.


"The Laughing Trees EP (...Why??)"

Tracks from this release are featured occasionally on 90.5 WASU (www.wasurocks.com) in Boone, North Carolina. And of course, a few tracks can always be heard streaming at www.myspace.com/thelaughingtrees

Set List

When we're the only band scheduled for the evening, we play two sets ranging typically from 50 minutes to an hour. We've always been able to pull more songs from our sleeves, though we normally don't wear them.

As an opener, we play as long as needed and do specifically whatever the headlining band tells us to. We act as good, lowly (but entertaining) opening acts if need be.

As a headliner, we act very cordial with the "beneath us" band, and typically invite them to eat at or table, keeping our pretentions to a minimum.

Here are a likely list of songs that we should play:

*The Wedding of Flies (parts 1,2, and 4)
*Liza Says
*Colors are a Lie (mirrors keep pushing that lie)
*Well, I Walk
*The Glass Bead Game
*Black Hole
*By the light of DOS
*Mon Accomplice
*The Old Man Sings to Attentive Lizards
*Koala Infestation
*The Breathing Song
*Take Me Home
*We Both Have Nothing to Fear
*The Things My Mother Told Me

(More songs conceivable upo