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The Law of Fives

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"'TourBaby': The Law of Fives"

Village Voice
Nightguide, Week of Sept 28-Oct 4th
-- by Alison M. Rosen

'TourBaby': The Law of Fives
There’s something dreamy and shimmering about the Law of Fives’ loping psychedelic pop-rock songs. Anchored by swirling guitars, gentle keys and ample vocal harmonies, this local quartet is making New York safe again for classic rock. And they don’t even have long hair! - Village Voice

"Pick of the Week - July 22"
Pick of the Week - July 22
-- by Patrick Ferris

The Law of Fives - New York, NY
Obelisk - CD Review
My first inclination of The Law of Fives was a punk band, but as I listened to track after track, I began to realize that here was a band that had diversity, energy, memorable hooks and a big sound; a band that has a sound that's right for today's mainstream rock audience.

Band founders Christopher Gwinn (guitars and vocals) and Tyson Lewis (keyboards and vocals), are excellent collaborators in songwriting. Their influences reach back to an era before they were born. Pulling from legendary greats like The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, and Floyd, The Law of Fives has a sound that feels familiar while feeling fresh.

Their first CD, Obelisk, is a collection of 10 radio-ready songs spanning a broad spectrum of rock music. Lead vocalist Christopher Gwinn has a voice very similar to Mick Jagger's in both sound and confidence. Every track displayed the perfectionist attitude needed for professional level production, and the ability for these young musicians to paint a mental picture with sound.

"Editor's Pick"

Editor's Pick
-- Music
May 2004

The Law of Fives decrees huge drum fills, layered keyboards and guitars, and a minimum requirement of glam rock dramatics. It's new wave on an arena-rock scale. See you down front. - Music

"Artist of the Month - November 2003"
Artist of the Month - November 2003
-- By Patrick Ferris

The Law of Fives - New York, NY
Classic Rock for the 21st Century

The Law of Fives is a New York rock and roll band in the purest sense of the genre… raw and poetic with the ability to create a great hook.

Although still fairly new to the scene, The Law of Fives is a band to watch. Their songwriting and musicianship is outstanding, although I wouldn't really call their vocals 'refined'. They aren't a vocal group like The Beatles…they're strength is in their rawness. They have an edge that is exciting. Songs like their ballad 'Stray From the Sun' are literally modern day rock classics.

Their second full length CD, Plexor's Lament, will be released this month, and has 14 tracks available to stream from their official homepage, to give the listener a feel for the band's tremendous diversity and their ability to not just make music, but to set a mood and create an image with sound.

There's no doubt that this band was influenced by rock greats like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but there is a difference between trying to sound like a band and actually thinking like the band you are wanting to emulate. The Law of Fives creates song structure and hooks from the ground up in a fashion that gives them a big sound that I consider classic rock for the 21st Century.

"Podcast NYC: Podsafe Music - Love Lies"

The Law of Fives make the kind of pop/rock music that you rarely hear anywhere these days. Love Lies hits you with scratchy guitars, a fast beat and Beatle"esque" breaks. These dudes know how to create classic pop that's brand new. -


Love & Industry - LP - Summer 2005 - samples on official website
Plexor's Lament - LP - Fall 2003 - samples on official band website
Obelisk - LP - Summer 2002 - samples on official band website


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Law of Fives plays melodic rock influenced by ‘70’s guitar bands and ‘90’s alternative. The group features guitarist, singer and chief songwriter Christopher Gwinn (who also founded the band), bassist and singer Jordan Block and drummer Ethan Shorter. All three members are committed non-conformists that aspire to set musical trends rather than chase after them.

The latest Law of Fives CD (released in June 2005) is entitled "Love & Industry", containing eleven new songs penned by Gwinn and Block. Previously, they self-produced and released two full-length CD’s, “Obelisk” (Summer 2002) and “Plexor’s Lament” (Fall 2003), both of which garnered positive reviews and received college radio play in the Northeast. XM Satellite Radio added several of their songs to their Unsigned channel (where they remain in daily rotation), and in 2002-2003 the song “Waste Away” spent seven weeks on Unsigned’s Top 20 Most Played chart. The Law of Fives debuted live in New York City in January 2002 and has been performing regularly at well-known clubs and colleges throughout the New York City area and New England ever since. From their secret lair in Hell’s Kitchen the group is hatching a plot to tour regionally throughout the US in 2005 in support of their new disc.