The Laymanites

The Laymanites


The Laymanites songs revolve around a pure blend of musicianship and jaw-dropping love-ability. "With a melodic guitar-whipping vibe and an energetic performance...the band crank up the volume and fill the venue with kinetic anthemic Rock.


The Laymanites came together through various different avenues. From school to work and parties.

We listen to all types of music and preferences vary hugely between us all. So we take inspiration from many sources. Jimi hendrix.stevie ray fighters.biffy clyro.the beatles.jason mraz.paolo nutini.doobie brothers.eric clapton.gary moore.joe day.travis barker.a day to remember.led zeppelin.bob marley.van halen.andy mckee. to name a few but it is just the tip of a massive iceberg

We are set aside from other bands because we are not stuck with the indie style that has been saturated recently. We have great songs, soaring choruses and satisfying guitars! The live show is energetic, entertaining, infectious and amazingly tight


We will be releasing our "All The Angels" EP in the summer and are participating in various live radio acoustic sets.

Set List

we choose between this list of tracks. usually 30-40 mins depending on what the organisers require

attack the moon
all the angels
already there
everything's eventual
see it my way
the space inbetween
million miles
still in me