The Lazy Folksinger

The Lazy Folksinger


Groucho Marx & George Carlin stole John Prine's guitar, then had sex with Dr. Hook....The Lazy Folksinger is the tragic result!! Pot Smokin', Beer Drinkin. Girl Chasin' Folk Music on Steroids & Red Bull Homemade Music With An Attitude!!


The Lazy Folksinger

Are you just waiting for a sensitive new singer/songwriter, complete with touching, precious lyrics, and a heartfelt desire to change the world with his songs?

Well, you sure ain’t gonna get any of that with The Lazy Folksinger!! Armed with his debut cd, “What Attitude Problem?” this guy is a study in musical and social irreverence. Even his nom de plume is a swipe at one of the sacred genres of popular music. With left-field songs like “Trophy Wife”, “Jerks Like Me”, “No Fun Being White” and “Road Apples” (yes, that one is about what you think!), The Lazy Folksinger has thrown down a musical gauntlet, and is just waiting for like-minded people to pick it up.

“If at first you don’t succeed blame somebody fast, then stick your nice day right up your ass!”…
- “Have a Nice Day”

That lyric pretty much sums up “What Attitude Problem?” the debut cd from The Lazy Folksinger. In a previous life, The Lazy Folksinger was involved for over 20 years in the Canadian Music Industry. He programmed award-winning radio stations in both Calgary &Vancouver. During 5 years with Virgin Records of Canada he promoted & toured with international artists like Lenny Kravitz, Colin James, Tom Cochrane, Paula Abdul, Simple Minds, Rita MacNeil, & the Northern Pikes (to name just a few!). And, throughout a 5 year partnership with Doug Bennett of Doug & the Slugs, The Lazy Folksinger built Tomcat Records into a groundbreaking independent Country music label, & in the process started the wave of Canadian indie Country artists that is prevalent today.

“If she’s got firm breasts, hips & thighs, full lips & big blue eyes, then she can suck the numbers right off my credit cards”…
-“Trophy Wife”

Somewhere in the midst of all this, The Lazy Folksinger also found 2 years to tour Canada & parts of the US as a single act, performing country & folk tunes, & selling an extraordinary amount of beer for club- owners! A chance meeting & conversation in 1985 with singer John Prine convinced him to start writing his own material. Ah, but lazy is as lazy does… it took The Lazy Folksinger 15 years to get around to it!

“I like to find a lady so I can spend a little time, & I try to hang around, at least till her money’s all spent”…
-“Jerks Like Me”

Influenced by a great tradition of lazy country/folk singer-songwriters, The Lazy Folksinger’s laid back approach is an entertaining mix of screwball barroom humor & touching lyrical moments. As many musicians do, The Lazy Folksinger has collected people & places though-out his travels, & he shares them with his audience through story & song.

Recorded and engineered by Duane Kelly (Eric’s Trip, Elevator, Iron Giant, Grand Theft Bus), “What Attitude Problem” is an acoustic woodshed affair in the style of an old-time radio show, recorded in one take, off the floor (and under the table), with only a few overdubs. This music is the soundtrack to your life…if your life happens to be that of a surly college kid, or a middle-age malcontent. One of those people who spends his days showing up, punching in, putting out, pitching in, punching out, cleaning up, heading home, throwing up, turning in, sacking out and shutting up. People who love to have a drink and laugh at all the crap in their life.

“We all want a million bucks, we all need a brand new car, a face-lift & a tummy tuck, we all wanna be a star”…
-“Bullshit Blues”

The live show is filled with jokes, stories, original songs, audience participation, politically incorrect humor, and a whole lotta fun….if you like that sort of thing. Now, we don’t want you to assume that this laid back approach means Lazy doesn’t take his music seriously…you just have to kinda think of him like John Prine – on steroids and Red Bull!!

Based in Moncton NB, the hub of Eastern Canada’s music scene, The Lazy Folksinger offers homemade music with an attitude - & a tremendously fun evening of entertainment…if you like that



Cd released Nov. 2005

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Set List

80% original material
3 sets 0f 45 minutes, or
1 concert set of 90 minutes

(covers run from Dr. Hook to Steve Earle, to John Prine, to Todd Snider,