The Lazy Whispers

The Lazy Whispers


A reverb drenched breezy jangle of coastal twang and urban western


Hailing from the leafy inner city streets of Surry Hills and the ocean shores of Bondi, The Lazy Whispers initially began as a duo with Alex Lange and Abbey Barnes.
Over the past year, Daniel Falero joined the band, adding a new element with his upright double bass, creating a 50's style Johnny Cash sound.
Jim Elliot also jumped on board, bringing to the band his signature breezy style.
The Lazy Whispers recently recorded for their first time at Big Jesus Burger, a studio best known for documenting such bands as Portishead, The Sleepy Jackson, Karma County and Wolfmother.
Playing live in one room to capture a Sun Records style sound, laying down three songs in one day.
The Lazy Whispers are a great band for lazy afternoons and smoky hot summer nights.


The Lazy Whipers recently recorded their first EP.
The three songs recorded are:
Mermaid Song
This Time
Stay With Me
The local Sydney radio station FBI is playing the first single, Mermaid Song on seven of its weekly programmes.
Also check out The Lazy Whispers Myspace page to hear Mermaid Song and Stay With Me

Set List

We have an eleven song set list at the moment, which would go for about an hour.
We do two cover songs:
Blackbird- the Beatles
Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
Our other nine originals are:
Mermaid Song
This Time
Stay With Me
Hold My Hand
Red Shoes
Let Me Walk Away
Deep Deep Cuts
If You Only Knew