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The best kept secret in music


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1)The Anthem
2)You Can Do It

Impossible Is Nothing (10 tracks)
Black Bishop (Mixtape)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Bishop Streetz Bio:
Bishop Streetz has seen it all in his tumultuous life. Growing up in the urban wastelands of Washington DC and New Jersey, he was exposed to the worst and best of human nature. When prolific crime and violence threatened to crush the young Bishop Streetz, music lifted up his soul.

As a child, Bishop Streetz would spend his time playing the piano and writing music. His family encouraged him to explore as many genres of music as he could. To this day Bishop Streetz draws inspiration from such diverse artists as the LL Cool J, Slick Rick, NAZ, Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z and Tupac to name a few.

His family filled his days with song in hopes of shielding him from the harsh realities surrounding him. However, their efforts would fall short. By the time Bishop Streez reached high school, he was already well versed in the wrong side of the law, and would remain that way until adulthood.

The turning point in his life came with the discovery of poetry and creative writing as an outlet for his frustrations. He was a natural storyteller and found peace as his life flowed into his lyrics. Through music came strength and with that strength he was able to free himself from the urban sprawl in which he was mired.

“I’m looking to escape my life in the streets, I am now “wishing” for a new life. I tell my stories the only way a street poet knows how…with hardcore grimy gutter music and vivid story telling…This Puerto Rican –African American gives…my depiction of life through my soul.”

Bishop Streetz began participating in music battles in the streets of New Jersey and ended up in such exotic locations as the coasts of Trinidad and the Paris underground. Bishop Streetz was already a veteran by the time he crossed paths with fellow League member Black Diamond. Admiring each others lyrical creativity they formed a partnership and a friendship for life.

Black Diamond Bio:

For Black Diamond, music is a way of life. Born in New York, his first memories are filled with melodies played on his father’s many instruments accompanied by the lyrical voices of his mother and two older sisters. His father’s spicy Cuban rhythms romanced his mother’s soulful gospel to create diverse musical roots which have served as the bed rock for Black Diamond’s unique urban poetry.

Growing up in a household where such different musical genres combined, it is only natural that Black Diamond grew an appreciation for all types of music. He draws inspiration from such diverse artists as the 4 Tops, Odus Redding, Coltrane, Tito Fuentes, Run DMC, and Nas.

Despite the soundtrack flowing through the background of his life, Black Diamond did not dream of being a musician as a child. Instead he had to deal with the harsh realities crime and domestic violence often faced by inner city youth. “I was raised around a lot of confusion so it was hard to iron out details.”

By the time he began high school his life had taken a path which would lead to several altercations with the police. Black Diamond’s life changed his senior year of high school when an English teacher assigned a term paper on 20th Century poets.

“I remember after that paper I couldn’t stop from jotting down thoughts”, he says, “I think that’s where it all began.”

He had finally found a way to mate the music he had grown up around, with the need to express his experiences in the urban sprawl. After graduation, Black Diamond began participating in music battles from the streets of New York to the southern tip of Florida. Black Diamond was already a veteran by the time he crossed paths with fellow League member Bishop Streetz. Admiring each others musical prowess they formed a partnership and a friendship for life.

Black Diamond describes his lyrical style as conscious poetry. His lyrics speak of problems and then offer solutions. On stage he is known for his verbal prowess, prolific sense of humor, and old school sensibilities.

“My hair resembles my life so I leave it coarse like cotton. There are times lessons slip my mind, but they’re never forgotten.”