The League

The League

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The music we make is the sound track to the best moments of your life. It's the result of what happens when you take talent, pair it with dedication, an insane ambition, alcohol and half naked women. We work too hard to give music lovers anything besides our whole heart.


Music duo "The League" is composed of Los Angeles & Compton natives Phresco Cool (P. Cool) & Jurassic Wax (J. Wax), and frequently features a live drummer by the name of PDK. Quickly making a name for themselves throughout the underground for their genuine sound and incredibly energetic stage performance, expect the duo to invade the airwaves soon with their own personal brand of music. The two met in high school in Watts,Californa and began seriously making music together in 2008 while Wax was back in Compton for summer break from his college in Atlanta. P. Cool was attending college in Los Angeles after having been away at military school in Pittsburg, PA for a year. It became clear that they were supposed to make music together after their very first song was downloaded over 5,000 times and posted on blogs throughout the country and even as far as Russia. Their debut project entitled "Junior Varsity" showcases some of the creativity and lyrical prowess that makes them such a unique group. The project reflects the duo's growth both musically and as individuals. The theme behind the title "Junior Varsity" is growth, and it represents this stage before their potential is realized and they are respected within the music industry. Follow The League on Twitter at Also learn more about the group by visiting All other inquiries email:


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Set List

Two rappers and a Drummer.